Make it Muscatine: The Method

MUSCATINE, Iowa–When B. J. Axtell started implementing new fitness and nutrition routines into his own life, his results went well beyond just personal improvements. He realized he wanted to share what he learned and help others live healthier lives by starting a gym of his own. In March of 2020, he made that happen, and the Method–Muscatine came to life.

The Method specializes in functional fitness classes, which use a variety of movements and workout equipment to help participants build endurance, strength, and mental wellbeing. Whether taking their QuickFit CrossFit, or MOtiVE (which focuses on running) classes, participants can get a great workout and feel like they belong to a community of people who share their interests and commitment to better health. Each day, coaches at the Method offer eight different classes, making it easier for people to find a time to workout that “works out” for their schedules.

To help everyone who comes to class get the most out of their workout, the Method’s coaches can tailor any routine to suit a person’s individual experience level and needs. “All movements are 100% scalable to any athletic ability,” Axtell stressed: “Coaches take extra time to ensure every athlete knows exactly what the workout is and how to perform each movement. My coaching staff and I love teaching new members!”

For those wondering if the Method could help them meet their fitness goals but not quite sure about committing to a regular class schedule, the Method offers their first class free to anyone wanting to give them a try. Those wanting to sample a class at the Method simply needs to come early to have a quick chat with the coach leading the class, provide their email address, and sign a waiver, and then they can experience what the Method has to offer, alongside members of all experience levels.

Axtell encourages anyone interested in learning more about the Method to reach out to them, either by email or by Facebook message. The Method also posts all their class times and schedules on their website as well.

After a little more than a year in business, Axtell has found that the support of the community and especially of the Method’s athletes have made all the challenges of owning a small business worth it for him. He shared, “This is the most energetic, supportive, positive, and encouraging group of athletes I’ve ever worked out with.” Specifically, Axtell enjoys: “that we interact daily with other local businesses and other people from Muscatine and the other surrounding areas. We have small business owners, teachers, pastors, and first responders that come to our gym.”

To help more like-minded people find their way to the Method and take advantage of everything it has to offer, Axtell joined the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry this summer. As his gym continues to grow, he has welcomed all of their assistance. “I wanted to get our name out there and the Chamber had multiple ways to make that happen.”