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Muscatine Community School District
Muscatine Community School District offers public education from three year old preschool through high school. The district prides itself on making all of its students success stories.

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The Muscatine Community School District’s Continuous Learning website is now live, with links to educational enrichment opportunities for preschool, elementary, middle, and high school students.

Please visit:

This website contains digital resources for Muscatine CSD students and families to help supplement learning during the school closure period due to COVID-19.  While these activities aren’t “required learning,” the district strongly encourages parents, families, and other caregivers to support participation while students are at home.

These assignments will not be graded. They are resources to help provide some learning during this extended school closure.  Support from teachers will be provided. For class information, teacher contact information, and teacher office hours, please visit the website.

Non-electronic lessons (paper and pencil) are available upon request wherever possible for middle and high school students.  If you would be interested in having paper learning activities for your student(s), please contact your child’s counselor or other avenues specified by each building’s recent communication to parents. For preschool and elementary students, grade level paper packets will be available for pick up at the foodservice distribution sites and times starting the week of April 20, 2020.

The district appreciates the hard work that its teachers, administrators, and tech team have put forth in the development of the Continuous Learning website on short notice. We know that as we progress, there may be glitches. We ask that parents reach out to their child’s teacher with issues as they arise so that they can be fixed. Please provide as much information as you can, such as the page or link that caused an issue. We also know that we will make mistakes as we are all new to this process.

Internet Access – Partnership with Muscatine Power and Water

Muscatine is a great community with a lot of businesses willing to step up and help when our students need assistance. Muscatine Power and Water has done just that as we enter the online enrichment project. MCSD has a genuine and heartfelt sense of gratitude and is pleased to announce  MPW’s help in bringing internet access to more of our students.

Based on analysis of areas most in need of internet services, Muscatine Community College and Muscatine Community School District has partnered with Muscatine Power and Water to provide free WI-FI coverage for areas on the MCC campus, the Jefferson Elementary parking area, and the Franklin Elementary campus. Public wi-fi at MCC is active. Jefferson and Franklin are in process.

In addition, Muscatine Power and Water has a special internet and router offer for homes with school-aged children who do not have internet service with MPW. The promotion is for 3 months (which gets us well past the end of the school year) with options for continuing service afterward. MPW is limiting, where possible, in-home installs due to COVID-19, but many customers have been doing self-installs with MPW’s Helpdesk walking them through the steps. 

If you do not have internet access at your home for your children,  please contact MPW for a special COVID-19 student package at 563-263-2631.


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