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The Muscatine County Genealogical Society was organized to assist individuals
in their genealogical research. It is a non-profit organization whose aim is to
foster an interest in genealogy, gather and preserve genealogy and historical data.

The Burlington Community School District supports all students achieving skills and abilities to become productive citizens in the community in which they live. This includes academic goals, social competencies, employability skills, and technology skills. These skills are a guide for teachers and students in determining projects and areas of focus at various grade levels.

The Putnam brings to life a sense of place, time and purpose to ignite human potential and inspire our diverse community to learn about and care for our world and all its people.

The primary function of the Muscatine County Medical Examiner Department is to determine a scientifically based cause and manner of death for every death that falls within its jurisdiction. Cause of death is defined as the disease or injury which set in motion the chain of events that ultimately results in the death of an individual. Manner of death describes the circumstances surrounding the death. In Iowa, manner of death is classified into 5 categories:

The Friends of Fairport Fish Hatchery is a volunteer organization which was formed last year as an adjunct of the Muscatine County Historic Preservation Commission.