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Discover Muscatine offered all candidates the opportunity to provide information about themselves, their campaigns and to answer a few questions to help voters get to know them better.

Office Sought: Muscatine County Sheriff

Political Party: Democrat

Candidate email address: [email protected]

Campaign Committee: Citizens to elect Mike Channon

Educational Background

NameCityStateYearsDiploma/Degree Earned
Grand Mesa High SchoolGrand MesaColoradoDiploma

Employment History

EmployerJob TitleStart DateEnd DateBrief Job Description
Muscatine County Sheriff’s OfficeDeputy Sheriff7/8/08PresentPatrol Deputy, General patrol duties, investigate crimes reported, accidents, civil papers, and general public safety.
Muscatine Police DepartmentPatrol Officer/Detective10/0107/08Genera Patrol Duties, investigations, Narcotics investigations
Wilton police departmentPatrol Officer/Detective19992001Patrol Officer, Investigate general crimes for City to include but not limited to (Assaults, Burglaries, criminal mischiefs), Bike Patrol, evidence tech,  Drug Task Force
Muscatine County JailCorrectional Officer19981999
Correctional officer, general security procedures for jail facility.

Endorsements Received

OrganizationDateContact NameContact Phone
Iron Workers Union.
Quad City Federation of Labor

Why are you running for election?

I am running for Muscatine County Sheriff for many different reasons. I truly feel that the citizens and employees of Muscatine County deserve better than what we have gotten the last 5 years. We need a leader who will put the citizens and employees first and put public safety above all else. We need to bring honesty and integrity back to this office.

4 years ago I ran for Sheriff and ran on many of the issues that we are still having. Although I wasn’t successful 4 years ago, I never stopped fighting for the little guy. One of the main issues I campaigned on 4 years ago and again this election cycle was to equip the deputies with body worn cameras.

As of now we still do not have them. However this administration just ordered 19 cameras for the deputies but they will not be available for almost 3 months. We must ask ourselves why did we wait until 2 months prior to the election to order these body worn cameras? I want to thank the citizens of Muscatine County for supporting my platform and voicing your concerns about the body worn cameras.

What are the three most important issues facing your office over the next term?

IssueWhy is this important?How will you address this issue?
Employee MoralEmployee Moral not only affect employees but also citizensFixing the damage caused by the current administration is a priority. The focus will be on boosting morale to obtain employee retention. Employees will be treated equally. When we have to discipline employees, we will teach, mentor, and provide guidance so it does not happen again. This is positive leadership
EquipmentEquipment is always important for public safety.We will promote officer safety by providing necessary equipment. Body cameras will be utilized by all Deputies. I will implement modern security practices at the courthouse to ensure proper safety of employees and citizens. We will provide our correctional officers with the proper equipment.
TrainingTraining is vital in giving the tax payers the best there can be with the officers.Training needs a complete overhaul. Properly trained officers are safer and provide you the tax-payer better service as a result. Training, teaching, and mentoring employees will give them the drive and assets to be successful. My administration will properly train employees while still being fiscally responsible.

What are the three most important issues facing Muscatine County over the next term?

IssueWhy is this important?How will you address this issue? (if applicable)
Mental HealthMental Health is a nation wide problem that doesn’t get the attention that is needed.The most important issue facing Muscatine County is mental health. The need for assistance is growing at a substantial rate. We must bring a mental health court to Muscatine County. This is one way we can help relieve our hospitals and jails by providing services currently not available.
Drug problemDrugs and Mental health coincide with each other. We need to break the cycle.We need to combat the drug problem in Muscatine County. This ties in with the mental health crisis. We see citizens self-medicating as a result of their mental health condition. You cannot fix one problem without tackling the other. We are at a critical point and action must be taken.
Public SafetyPublic Safety has taken a back seat to profit in this County.General public safety is a current issue. The Sheriff’s Office spends countless hours serving civil papers instead of providing proper safety to the citizens of Muscatine County. Once in Office, I will make the proper adjustments to put our Deputies priority serving you the taxpayer.

What is the most important thing you would like voters to know about you that they may not?

I am 48 years old, I am married and have 3 kids. I have 22 years of law enforcement experience choosing special assignments over promotions. I have been a detective in 3 different departments, worked undercover narcotics Led many multi-jurisdictional operations. I have worked under cover conducting human trafficking operations and led the operation conducted in Muscatine County. I have investigated crimes ranging from homicides to assaults. I have been in the street crimes unit (Gang Unit), an evidence tech, a field training officer, a crisis negotiator, and a member of the Special Response team, and I have been a patrol officer.

I have received many awards during my 22 year career from accommodations to life saving awards.

I am also a Union Steward for the Sheriff’s Office.

I have also served this great country for 14 years both active duty and in the Army Reserves where I became a Non-commissioned officer in which I led and trained troops in my platoon.

I am a strong supporter of Concealed Carry and a member of the NRA.

I am also a member of the American Legion Wilton Iowa.

If I am fortunate enough to be your Sheriff I promise you I will be a working sheriff and be very visible to the Citizens of Muscatine County.

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