Moving with Kids

Whoever said moving with kids is easy was a liar. I said what I said. Families with children that have moved into a different house, what are your secrets? Share with me all your tips and tricks to ensure that I don’t lose my sanity while packing box after box.

I guess I should back up. My family and I are moving, but fear not, faithful reader, we will remain here in Muscatine! You see, what had happened was we outgrew our current home because of the aforementioned children (three in total) along with our pets (also three, which is clearly too many, in this author’s humble opinion).

The proverbially “moving clock” is ticking and I don’t even really have time to be writing this column, as my wife is giving me the, “what are you doing?!” loving glance as she continues to pack.

I will say that this, by all accounts, should be the last time we move, and I’m excited at that notion. I’ve realized that as I get older, things like moving and lifting heavy boxes or items don’t really get any easier. Hence why the (very) smart decision was made by our family to hire the experts at River City Moving (located here in Muscatine) to handle the heavy lifting.

I saw a meme on the internet that said “If you’re over 35-years-old and moving, your friends are too old and don’t want pizza and beer for helping you move.” that really spoke to me, as it should, given I am 37-years-old (gosh I’m old).

Back to the kids. You see, we have several boxes packed and ready to roll, and it was just the other day that my son, Theo, spotted a box marked with his name. “I need to get my stuff! Why did you hide it from me?!”

I tried to (reason with) explain to him that the box contained items he was not currently using and that was why we packed them. Of course, he didn’t listen, and the box was torn open and emptied in about five seconds flat. Did I mention how stressful it is moving with children?

I should also state that I love and adore my children, and yes, I know this pain is only temporary, as we are but a matter of two weeks from the big move (depending upon when you’re reading this, we could be moved, should you come upon this in late May).

I’m thankful for my wife and her organizational skills along with the team that has helped us get to this point. That includes the Armstrong Team at Re/Max. Special thanks to Dave and Steve Armstrong along with Mandy Kemper, who is a rock star! Thanks to Alisha Knerr at First National Bank of Muscatine for being so wonderful to deal with. Special thanks to Randy Sheppard with a Handyman Can for helping on some projects; Brain Mathes, who is a magician when it comes to resurfacing tubs and showers; Nelson Electric; Gainz Construction; Kelly’s Heating & Cooling; and James Eich, aka my go-to flooring guy and longtime friend.

Ready or not, it’s almost moving day! Wish us luck, and remind me to never move again!