MPW offers rebate for new battery electric vehicle purchases

MUSCATINE, Iowa– At Tuesday’s meeting of the Board of Water, Electric and Communications Trustees, the Board received updates on Muscatine Power and Water’s (MPW) ongoing strategy to support the adoption of electric vehicles (EV’s) in the Muscatine community.

Guided by MPW’s Electric Vehicle Stakeholders group – comprised of local industry and business representatives – the Utility will implement several rebate programs and invest in infrastructure in response to growing interest in electric vehicles in the Muscatine area.

General Manger, Gage Huston, says MPW’s EV strategy will ready the community as electric vehicles become more commonplace. “The demand for EV’s will continue to grow as interest in clean technology grows. We want to support community interest with investments in infrastructure and rebate program offerings — making the purchase of an electric vehicle more attractive.”

MPW has several rebates available, with the most generous Early Adopter Incentive. A total of five $1,500 rebates will go to the purchase of a new battery electric vehicle (BEV). To qualify, the owner must register the vehicle in Muscatine County and the owner must purchase their electricity through MPW. All customer classes may apply. MPW will allocate rebates will on a first come, first served basis.

Other rebates and incentives available include support for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) and charging station installation for homes and businesses. Learn more about each at

The investment in infrastructure — supported by grants — will include two charging stations in downtown Muscatine. MPW intends to install one station at the Musser Public Library and will determine the location of the second station at a later date.

“The Utility will continue to explore ways to support the growth of electric vehicle usage in Muscatine and be responsive to customer needs,” shared Huston.

Earlier in the year, the Utility added its first battery electric vehicle, a Chevy Bolt, dubbed the EV-1 or “Evie,” to its fleet and installed a Level II EV charging station at its business office at 3205 Cedar Street. Residents and businesses should contact Paul Burback, energy services advisor, at (563) 262-3221 for details on the rebate programs. MPW’s 2020 BEV Chevy Bolt

The Board approved a contract change order for the CCR Landfill Partial Cover Project for an additional $14,284.19, with the final contract cost of $1,072,844.19. The total project expense remains under budget.

The current landfill development design will fill over four phases, beginning in 1992 and expected to fill completely in 2007. Estimates anticipated the first phase would fill completely in 1995. Through conservation, recycling, and repurposing efforts, the landfill’s life extended significantly. With phase one just closing in 2020, MPW effectively extended the life of this phase by 25 years.

“Minimizing our impact on the environment is top-of-mind,” shared Doug White, director of power production and supply. “We continue to evaluate our processes to find efficiencies and new ways to repurpose waste.”

A Fiber to the Home progress update shared that August broke a project completion record. Significant progress occurred on remaining field construction and a project high 544 customers converted to MPW’s all-fiber network. Toward the end of September, over 8,100 customers have converted to the all-fiber network. The project should complete all customer conversions in first quarter 2021, consistent with the updated timeline from early this year and even with COVID-19 delays.

With field construction nearing completion, project focus will shift to splicing activities and additional splicers will join the project. Erika Cox, FTTH project sponsor, reminds the public, “Splicers will be accessing yards and gates and working at the cable box on the outside of the house. If splicing activity is going on in your neighborhood, it really helps us for customers to keep pets indoors and leave gates unlocked.” MPW has been communicating via Facebook and its website ( weekly construction and installation updates and recently added those Service Areas in which splicers will start working.