Muscatine County candidate forum set for Oct. 1-2
by Margaret Hurlbert
September 28, 2020

MUSCATINE, Iowa–As the general election approaches, and attention turns to local races, Discover Muscatine will hold a forum for Muscatine County candidates Oct. 1-2, produced by Pearl City Media. The forum will introduce candidates running for county auditor, county attorney, county sheriff, county board of supervisors districts three and four, state representatives in districts 88 and 91, and state senators in districts 44 and 46.

Unlike a debate, which pits candidates against each other, the forum will feature a series of questions that each candidate will have time to answer, allowing them to present and elaborate on their stances on different issues for the general public. Because the forum will take place over the course of two days, each candidate will have ample time to address each question. Candidates will not know the questions they will have to answer prior to the forum. Currently, all candidates for each of the nine races plan to attend and participate in the forum.

For the safety of the general public and the candidates, the forum will not have a live audience, and only the candidates, a moderator, and producers will attend. However, county residents can view the event live at or on Discover Muscatine’s Facebook page or YouTube channel. Currently, forum organizers have not announced daily start times for the event. They will post start times and the order in which candidates will appear on Facebook as soon as they become available.

With residents across Muscatine County seeking out information about the candidates they will vote for in order to make an informed decision in November, the candidate forum will offer a wealth of information about each person running in a convenient format. “It is important that people tune in to hear where candidates stand on the important issues both locally and statewide,” said Pearl City Media Director of Public Relations Ashley Loveless. “Although this year we are playing it safe and not having an in person audience, we hope people will tune in from the comfort of their homes to hear what all of the candidates have to say in order to make informed decisions when voting.”

For those seeking out additional information about the candidates running, Discover Muscatine has also published a series of candidate profiles in this edition of the paper. The profiles feature basic information about each of the candidates who responded to Discover Muscatine’s survey, and provides at a glance information on their key issues. For more in depth versions of the candidate profiles, visit

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