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Friday, September 17, 2021

    Muscatine County Welcomes Felicia Toppert as New Community Services Director and Disability Services Coordinator

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    The Muscatine County Board of Supervisors (MCBS) named Felicia Toppert as the new Community Services Director and Disability Services Coordinator (CSD/DSC). A talented administrator with more than twenty-five years of service, Toppert will help continue and expand the services available across Muscatine County.

    As the new CSD/DSC, Toppert will have many responsibilities. According to the MCBS, these will include, “coordination of regional mental health services in Muscatine County; [running the] Service Management Program, Trust Program, and General Assistance [Program] and [collaborating] with Veterans Assistance.”

    Fortunately, Toppert’s career in leading public assistance programs, including twelve years with the Iowa Department of Human Services, has given her the knowledge and skills she needs to run effective programs for the people of Muscatine County. “I’ve been an administrator at virtually every job I’ve had,” Toppert added.

    Once Toppert begins her work as the CSD/DSC on August 19th, she relishes having the opportunity to positively impact Muscatine County. She shared, “The thing I look forward to most is to help that department move forward in their processes and be the most effective and viable department they can be.”

    Toppert also values getting to work with a small, deeply caring county. “The real advantage to Muscatine county is it’s small enough for residents to have an almost first-hand view of what’s going on [in the department]” she stated.

    With such dedication and credentials, Toppert will surely affect the positive changes she hopes to during her time as CSD/DSC).

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