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    Muscatine Diabetes Project Donates $500 to Madison Elementary School Mileage and Running Clubs

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    Throughout the month of November, the Muscatine Diabetes Project (MDP) celebrates Diabetes Awareness Month with a variety of different kinds of outreach. On Wednesday, October 30th, they started their Diabetes Awareness Month activities a little early by presenting a $500 check to the Madison Elementary School Mileage and Running Clubs. 

    A pair of new programs at Madison, physical education teacher Becky Eserhaut started both this year. Over the summer, she created the Mileage Club during the district wide science, technology, engineering, art, athletics, and mathematics (STEA2M) camp to reward those who choose to walk or run laps during recess. Participants receive a shoe charm to put on a lanyard for each mile they complete. 

    When the regular school year started, several former Colorado Elementary School students requested Eserhaut bring back the Running Club, which a pair of students helped her create there last year. She agreed. Now, every Friday afternoon, students in fourth through sixth grade may walk or run with a participating teacher of their choice for approximately forty-five minutes. 

    When the MDP heard about Madison’s Mileage and Running Clubs, they knew they wanted to support these efforts to encourage children to start making healthy choices at a young age. To that end, they decided to make a $500 donation to both groups. 

    On October 30th, Kim Seligman, MDP Co-Founder, along with MDP Board of Directors Member Toni Eller, presented the check to Eserhaut in front of the whole third grade. Seligman praised Eserhaut and the students for their dedication to running, jogging, and walking, and encouraged them to continue staying physically active in the future. “We want you to continue with your steps and to keep making healthy choices,” she said. As a special gift to Eserhaut for running the clubs, Seligman also gave her a special, “You Rock!” guitar charm to add to her mileage lanyard. 

    Eserhaut felt delighted with both gifts. In the months ahead, she hopes to use the $500 to purchase more shoe charms for the Mileage Club. Longer term, she may also put some of the money towards creating a track at Madison for Mileage Club, Running Club, and gym classes to use. 

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