Muscatine Humane Society seeks support for replacing cages

Currently, cats lstaying at the Muscatine Humane Society use 24 year old cages. Shelter staff would like to replace them with more spacious, up to date models.

MUSCATINE, Iowa—Each year, the Muscatine Humane Society houses more than 800 cats and kittens as it works to find good homes for each of them. The majority of these cats stay in one of the shelter’s cages, which provides each cat or group of kittens a safe space to eat, sleep, play, and use the litter box while waiting to find a permanent home and loving family. 

However, the current cages in the cat area have had 24 years of wear and tear since the shelter opened in 1996. In order to better care for cats in need, the shelter would like to replace their cages with eight new ones. “It would help make the animals’ stay here much better,” said Muscatine Humane Society Director Chris McGinnis: “Some of them would have more living space, and also, having a shelf, that makes all the difference. Cat’s like to perch!

Currently, it will cost the Humane Society $1,382 dollars to purchase eight new cages. Typically, the shelter uses their Kash 4 Kritters fundraiser the first weekend in May to raise money for shelter projects and to celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week, but, in the interest of social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak, they have canceled the fundraiser this year. 

Instead of holding an in-person event, McGinnis encourages anyone interested in helping the shelter purchase new cages to mail donations to the Muscatine Humane Society at 902 South Houser Street, Muscatine. To protect shelter staff, the Muscatine Humane Society has closed to the public, but when they re-open, they will accept cash and credit or debit card donations as well. As a non-profit organization, the Muscatine Humane Society will provide a letter stating the donation qualifies as a tax deduction for all donations of $250 or more. 

The Muscatine Humane Society strives each year to help homeless animals find loving homes. Helping them purchase new cages will help them support hundreds more animals in upcoming years.