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    Muscatine Newcomers and Friends Club Welcomes Community with Membership Drive Event

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    Moving to a new city can prove a lonely experience. Meeting others in a new place can take longer than one would like. Fortunately, the Muscatine Newcomers and Friends Club (MNFC) stands ready to welcome everyone to Muscatine and help them acclimate to their new home.

    As president Nancy Todd explained it, the MNFC stands out as, “a social group. We’re a non-profit trying to make ourselves know and help new people get acquainted with the community.” Along with many regularly scheduled events, the group looks forward to welcoming newcomers, as well as area residents looking to show them the ropes, at their Membership Drive event on Tuesday, October 15th.

    Over the course of each month, MNFC holds a number of events to help new residents meet people in the community with similar interests. For couples, the group hosts Dining Adventures where they eat out at different restaurants voted on by the group. For families, MNFC has a Family Outings group that takes weekend day trips to fun spots, such as the Sass Family Farm’s pumpkin patch. MNFC’s Mom’s Club also features events for mothers and their little ones as well. For women looking to meet new people and find out more about Muscatine, MNFC also hosts catered lunches once a month with featured speakers. Always looking to pay it forward, the group also uses all of its lunches as a way to collect donations for local charities, requesting each attendee bring an item to donate. MNFC also sponsors a variety of book clubs and card nights at various times.

    An important event, the MNFC looks forward to hosting their Membership Drive on October 15th at the National Pearl Button Museum @ History and Industry Center from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. One of their women’s lunches, the event gives both new residents to Muscatine and longtime residents wanting to help out a chance to find out more about MNFC before committing to an annual $20 membership. At the lunch, attendees will meet current MNFC members as well as learn about Muscatine’s pearl button industry from Museum Director Terry Eagle. The Membership Drive event costs $15 per person to cover the cost of catering and space rental. For mothers of young children attending the event, the MNFC can prearrange babysitting for a $5 fee.

    Todd welcomes those interested in checking out the upcoming Membership Drive, or any of MNFC’s other events, to come and try them. As a longtime member, she has seen many friendships form between new and old residents and has made many lasting friendships there herself. “We’re very social . . . I’ve made so many friendships through Muscatine Newcomers,” she shared. “It’s just so much fun!”

    Wherever you have come from and whatever interests you, MNFC has a group or event that will welcome you to Muscatine or help you welcome others to our city. To get more information about MNFC, you can call Todd at (563)-554-3659, email [email protected], or look for them on Facebook.

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