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Thursday, September 23, 2021

    Muscatine Police Department Welcomes Three New Officers

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    As Muscatine welcomes the new year, the Muscatine Police Department (MPD) welcomes three new officers, Nick Popp, Mark Schollmeyer, and Matt Wilkinson. They join the force ready to learn their duties and help the community.

    Originally from Grinnell, Popp moved to Wilton last year along with his parents. After the move, Popp began doing ride-alongs with different police departments to gain experience. Not long afterwards, Popp saw the MPD had posted a job. Once accepted, Popp happily took the position, looking forward to a career in law enforcement, something he had wanted to do since riding along with state troopers while in high school.

    For Schollmeyer, joining the MPD fulfilled a lifelong dream. “I’ve actually always been interested in being in law enforcement and helping the community I’m a part of,” he shared. Schollmeyer grew up in Madison, Wisconsin but moved to Davenport so he and his wife could live near her family. While working for the Muscatine County jail, he met many police officers in the common gym facilities. When a position at the MPD opened up, he eagerly applied for it.

    Wilkinson also knew from a young age that he wanted to go into law enforcement. “My mom works for a defense attorney, and I was always interested in law enforcement from her work stories,” he said. “I did a few ride-alongs and knew that’s what I wanted to do.” After taking criminal justice classes at Scott Community College, Wilkinson began applying to as many police departments as he could. When his dad told him the MPD needed another officer he applied, glad to find work nearby.

    Though each of the three new officers came from different backgrounds, they all share the goal of helping the community through their work. “Muscatine does a lot of community events, like Shop with a Cop and Coffee with a Cop, and that’s what I like doing,” shared Popp. “I always wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself, and this is a career where you can change someone’s life,” added Wilkinson. Echoing their thoughts, Schollmeyer added, “I love how active (the MPD is) in the community and I look forward to being a part of that.”

    In January, Popp, Schollmeyer, and Wilkinson will attend the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy to complete their 16-week training course. When they return, they will do a 14-week field training program.

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