Musco brings mini-pitch to Muscatine Skate Park

Margaret Hurlbert
Margaret Hurlbert works as the Editor of Discover Muscatine Newspaper.

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MUSCATINE, Iowa–When the U.S. Soccer Foundation came to Musco with a problem, they developed a solution suited to help communities of all sizes. The U.S. Soccer Foundation had a goal of building 1,000 mini-pitches by 2026, but found that securing contractors for these small projects proved challenging. In response, Musco created the Mini-Pitch System, which includes lighting, goals, fences, and benches that all fit onto a steel base.

Knowing the possibilities mini-pitches provide for outdoor recreation opportunities, Musco started exploring how they could bring one to Muscatine. “Through Musco’s partnership with the U.S Soccer Foundation, we have been able to see the positive impact mini-pitches have had in many communities and felt it made sense to bring one to Muscatine,” stated John Dindinger, part of Musco’s sales management team.

Musco reached out to Muscatine Parks and Recreation Department Director Richard Klimes and Park Maintenance Superintendent Nick Gow to explore possible locations for a mini-pitch. Together, they determined the Muscatine Skate Park would provide a perfect spot to add a mini pitch for youngsters to enjoy.

Over the course of two days, Musco installed the structure for the mini-pitch and replaced all of the lighting in the skate park with state of the art LED lighting. Muscatine Power and Water lent their assistance.

Wanting to provide a high quality playing surface for the mini-pitch, Jason Schillig, a sales representative for Musco, reached out to several community partners to help purchase and install one. With support from Bayer, the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Muscatine Soccer Club, Musco secured surfacing material and had a contractor install it.

With the mini-pitch open, Musco takes great pride in the community collaboration that went into making it possible. “This stuff is not a ‘Musco deal,'” emphasized Dindinger. “It’s community partnering and support that helps it all get tied together to get to a successful completion,” added Schillig. Musco also valued getting to share the mini-pitch system with their local community and using it to showcase its potential to other places considering building one.

Musco’s mini-pitch installation represents one of several projects they assisted with this year. Over the summer, Musco helped Muscatine Power and Water add additional lighting by the riverfront for Almost Friday Fest and relight the Norbert F. Becky Bridge. Soon, they will help Muscatine Power and Water place a new lighting array around the recently updated water tower.

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