MUSCOM dispatcher Jen Davis earns lifesaving award

MUSCATINE, Iowa–In March of 2020, Jen Davis decided to sign on as a dispatcher for MUSCOM. Though she had never worked as a dispatcher before, she felt it offered the perfect career for her. “I worked in EMS for a while and I truly love to help people,” stated Davis: “With this career, I gain the opportunity to be the very first person to help each caller. This is a crucial step in getting proper care to the callers, and I wanted to be a part of that team.”

After completing her training, Davis started taking calls as a live dispatcher in July of 2020. This spring, Davis took her most notable call yet. Using her training, she helped a Muscatine County resident and first responders revive an unresponsive patient. For her efforts, Davis earned a MUSCOM Lifesaving Award July 22.

In May, Davis received a call from a woman who made a terrible discovery. She had found one of her loved ones collapsed on the floor unconscious and not breathing. As dire as the situation seemed, Davis had the knowledge to help the woman and her family assist the unresponsive relative. “With the training we have at MUSCOM, I was able to follow proper EMS protocol to assist and guide the caller and her family to start life saving efforts of CPR immediately,” recalls Davis.

Thanks to Davis’ clear directions and the diligence of the family members performing CPR, they and the first responders who answered their call, revived the patient. “This was a crucial step that aided EMS responders in reviving the patient back to life on the way to the hospital,” Davis said. “Due to the joint efforts from all sides, the patient is alive today.”

In many cases, dispatchers never find out what happens to the callers they assist after first responders arrive. In the worst case scenarios, they learn that despite their best efforts, nothing could have helped the patient they sent assistance to. For these reasons, anytime dispatchers find out they helped save a life they celebrate. “We take each win very seriously and hold on to that,” asserted Davis. “Being able to help the family assist in life saving efforts is truly the best part of the job.”

To recognize Davis’ contribution to the community, MUSCOM Communications Director Chris Jasper and the Muscatine County Board of Supervisors presented her with her lifesaving award. “Receiving this award is an amazing honor,” Davis said. For her though, getting to help a family get a positive outcome made her the happiest. “The greatest and most rewarding part of the award is knowing that the caller’s family gets to spend more time with their loved one,” she asserted.

As Davis continues her career at MUSCOM, she knows she will respond to many more emergencies and hopes to assist many other people in emergency situations get the help they need. She encourages anyone who ever finds themselves in trouble to call 911 right away. “You cannot do it alone!” stressed Davis: “Please, please, please, call for additional help. 911 is the best resource to get the correct responders to you and your emergency the fastest.”