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Friday, March 5, 2021

    Muskie Boys Basketball vs. Bettendorf Bulldogs | Live broadcast 02-9-21

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    SCJH Choir Concert

    Here it is! The SCJH 2021 Pops Choir Concert from this afternoon. Enjoy these performances - they killed it!...

    Muscatine Today Show with Ashley joined by the Toyota Crew

    Good morning! Don’t miss out on cooking with Emmy and the Toyota of Muscatine Crew on the show today...

    Muscatine Today Show with Ashley joined Chris Norton

    Good morning! You may have heard of the new film 7 Yards that was recently released by a couple...

    Watch the Muskie boys basketball team host the Bettendorf Bulldogs!

    Brought to you by First National Bank of Muscatine, RIVO Plumbing and Heating, Bayer of Muscatine, Eastern Iowa Community College, River Rehab Physical Therapy, Riots & Rebelle’s Salon, Kent Pet Group, Toyota of Muscatine, CBI Bank and Trust, Lutheran Living of Muscatine, Menards and Hy-Vee of Muscatine.
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