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Sunday, July 25, 2021

    My 2020

    Tony Tone
    Tony Tone has worked as a radio personality in Muscatine and the Quad Cities since 2006. He currently serves as Muscatine Community School District Communication and Community Outreach Director and writes Talk of the Town with Tony Tone for the Discover Muscatine newspaper.

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    I promise to not use my 500 words to bash 2020, nor do I feel compelled to recap events that you and I both know that happened on a local, national, and global level. I should add to that intergalactic, based on the planets lining up last week; wasn’t that wild?!

    My year was good, and like it’s predecessors, went by too quickly. In an instant, it went from March 13th (right as the pandemic ramped up in Muscatine) to December 22nd (the day I’m actually writing this). 2020 marked my 37th year on the planet, saw my eighth wedding anniversary, and aged our children by another year.

    Professionally speaking, 2020 provided me with a new opportunity with the Muscatine Community School District. I’ve enjoyed my time thus far and look forward to continuing to grow into the role. It’s been really inspiring spending time in our schools alongside our phenomenal teachers and staff.

    I also started listening to books via Audible this last year. I never thought that would be something that intrigued me, but I’m hooked! Granted, I love listening to podcasts and music, so a book read by its author only makes sense. I’d recommend “No Time Like the Future: An Optimist Considers Mortality” by Michael J. Fox, “The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference” by Malcolm Gladwell, and “Dare to Lead” by Brene Brown, just to name a few.

    2020 saw my DJ side business slow down due to weddings and events having to reschedule or cancel. I did manage to take part in five weddings, and I’m very thankful to those couples for having me. 2021 will more than likely be the last year I DJ weddings.

    My wife Kasey and I also made the decision to stay put in our neighborhood. Yes neighbors, we had kicked the tires on moving, but fear not, we are not going anywhere. To be fair, we have a lot of people (and animals) in our house and thought we may need more space, but we also realized that we’re just nine years away from potentially having a kid out of the house and our neighborhood is fantastic.

    So, here comes 2021 and my list of projects to complete. Shoutout to Gainz Construction that will be doing some work on our kitchen. You didn’t think I was capable of that, did you? I’m not handy, and it feels good to support a local business!

    I hope you’re able to keep things in perspective as you reflect on this year while also looking ahead to the next one. I’m thankful for our community and the ways we continue to rally around each other. I know that 2021 will provide many opportunities to get involved, and I hope you’ll consider that. I’m personally looking forward to joining the board with the United Way of Muscatine. My hope is that we’re able to enjoy things like Almost Friday Fest in 2021, even if we’re still a few feet apart. Happy New Year! 

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