New from the inside out
by Rev. Eddie Cabrera
August 18, 2022

Work can sometimes get monotonous. It may seem lackluster. You might do the same thing day in and day out. That can be a reflection of what your personal life is like. You may even try and “decorate” it with a fancy this and a cool that, but you’re still the same person on the inside. Here’s Ryan and Marty’s adventure.

“Want to have some real fun at work today?” Ryan’s mischievous eyes danced like flashing Christmas lights.

“What have you got up your sleeve this time?” Marty asked, doubting they could have real fun heaving trash into a garbage truck.

“Check it out!” Ryan dumped a box of art supplies on the table: “Let’s decorate the garbage truck today. I got the leftover supplies from my uncle’s wedding. Check it out—streamers, posters, balloons, the works!”

“But what about the boss?”

“Bob just laughed when I told him, but he said we’ve got to prep the truck before we clock in.”

Ryan and Marty worked like ants on fast forward. They entangled the vehicle in a spider web of streamers. They slapped up a dozen “Just Married” signs. By the time they finished, the truck looked like a rolling fireworks display. All day long folks honked and waved.

For Ryan and Marty, that sweltering day in Columbus, Ohio, was the highlight of their summer. In spite of all their decorating, everyone knew it was still a garbage truck. The décor was fun, but it didn’t impress anyone.

Sometimes people try to “decorate” themselves in a similar way. They do lots of good things to be seen by others, but no matter how much they advertise how good or holy or cool they are, it’s just like decorating that truck. They haven’t changed on the inside, and isn’t that where the real change needs to happen?

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