Nichols City Council considers summer construction projects

The Nichols City Council discussed various construction projects at their May meeting.

NICHOLS, Iowa–With the summer construction season at hand, the Nichols City Council considered several construction projects at the May meeting. These included possible street repairs, alley repairs, and construction of disc golf holes.

After conducting a thorough drive through of the city’s streets, the Nichols City Council identified several significant sections of road they would like patched or replaced this summer. LL Pelling, a company they have worked with for previous projects, estimated that it would cost just over $40,000 to complete the work. Satisfied with the cost and scope of the project, the council unanimously approved moving forward with it. Currently, L L Pelling expects to come in June to do the repaving and patching work.

While inspecting the roads, council members also noticed that some of the alleys appear in need of new road rock. Though the council had new rock added to several alleys late last summer, the wet winter the city experienced has caused noticeable sinking in some areas. The council agreed to look into additional alley repairs at a future meeting. By waiting, the council hopes that the last of the spring rains will have finished and that the alleys will have finished settling, making re-rocking more effective.

Before the May city council meeting, several local residents approached Nichols Mayor Linsey Reimers about installing four disc golf holes at one of the parks. At this time, the council considered installation cost prohibitive, as each hole costs between $400 and $600. However, the council seemed open to further discussion of the issue if a community group wanted to help cover part of the cost.