Pack 732 Takes Wrestling in Wilton to Next Level
by Margaret Hurlbert
October 25, 2019

Lifelong wrestlers, Kevin Brisker and Tony Milder felt pleased when their sons got old enough to wrestle and showed interest in the sport. However, they felt less thrilled by the amount of time it took to take them from Wilton to private wrestling clubs in Iowa City and the Quad Cities. Knowing that many other wrestling families in the Wilton area had the same concern, the two decided to founded Pack 732 Wrestling Club in Brisker’s garage in 2017. As Brisker put it, starting Pack 732 answered the ongoing question of, “what do we have to do to raise our kids’s level without wearing them out with travel?”

In their first season, Briskser and Milder chose to start small with a group of eight wrestlers. However, as Pack 732’s focus on balance, fundamentals, repetition, and discipline yielded success, more local youth wrestlers showed interest in joining. In their second year, Pack 732 had eleven regular wrestlers as well as a small group of six to eight wrestlers who attended less frequent practices. Now in its third year, Pack 732 has a whopping thirty-two wrestlers in first through eighth coming regularly. To accommodate their growing numbers (and older wrestlers who need more space) Pack 732 has moved out of Brisker’s garage and into a space with six time the amount of wrestling mats.

Though Pack 732 has grown exponentially, its focus has remained the same. Coaches encourage wrestlers to attend two to three practices a week, which last for two hours in the preseason and an hour and a half during the regular season. At each practice, wrestlers drill fundamental moves at the same speed they would use them in a match to develop their skills and stamina simultaneously.

For Pack 732 to become a successful club, Milder credits many community members for their help and support. Generous local sponsors recently provided the group with new mats, ensuring wrestlers have a large, safe surface to practice on. With help from the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine, Pack 732 has received non-profit status and started their own fund. Most importantly though, the parents of the wrestlers have put in a lot of time, effort, and dedication to help Pack 732 thrive. “One of the biggest things for me is . . . that it’s not just the boys, it’s the parent who are committed to making it work. We’re very fortunate, added Milder.

As Pack 732 continues to grow and distinguish themselves at regional wrestling meets, both Brisker and Milder still enjoy working hands on with their wrestlers and seeing them grow and mature throughout the season. “[I most enjoy getting] to see their levels change. . . to see their grow, and to watch them get better,” Brisker said.

Currently, Pack 732 has reached its capacity for taking new wrestlers, but Brisker and Milder will happily share information about the club with anyone interested in wrestling with them in future seasons. To learn more, they encourage you to visit and message their Facebook page

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