Pearl City Popcorn: Gourmet Popcorn Shop and Ice Cream Parlor Pops Up in Downtown Muscatine
by Margaret Hurlbert
June 28, 2019

Sweet and salty snack lovers in Muscatine rejoice—the newly opened Pearl City Popcorn (PCP) has something for you. Featuring gourmet popcorn made in store, as well as fresh, regional ice cream, PCP brings treats to tackle all cravings to downtown Muscatine.

For two years, PCP owners Mike and Shiloe Hillman operated a mobile popcorn business, traveling to events all over the area. As much as they loved creating and selling their gourmet popcorns, they found life on the road exhausting. “We got tired of serving out in the weather and of being away from the kids every weekend, so we opened a storefront,” said Shiloe.

Now, with their shop ready for business, the Hillmans have brought a one of a kind shop to Muscatine. “There’s nothing like us here in town. There is no other popcorn like this!” enthused Shiloe.

Beginning on June 20th, PCP began selling five varieties of their delectable popcorn. Currently featuring cheddar cheese, caramel, jalapeno cheddar, Windy City, and original flavors, the Hillmans look forward to expanding their offerings to feature fifteen to twenty different types, including ones with chocolate and candy glazes. As they grow their selection, Shiloe says their commitment to making the best specialty popcorns on the market will not change. “Each batch is taste tested to make sure it’s a gourmet popcorn I would buy,” explained Shiloe.

For those with a sweet tooth, PCP also has a wide selection of decadent ice creams. Serving Heyns Premium Ice Cream, a regional favorite made in North Liberty, the Hillmans know customers will enjoy this extra creamy treat. Not your typical ice cream, Heyns comes in many unique flavors, something that immediately drew Shiloe to it. “I picked them because they have such unique flavors,” she elaborated. Whether you want customer favorites such as Monster Mash and blueberry cheesecake, or surprising ones such as apple pie, the ice cream at PCP will not disappoint you.

Along with operating their storefront from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm Monday through Saturday, the Hillmans also cater PCP popcorn to a variety of events. Whether you need a large batch of popcorn for a wedding reception, or specialty popcorn balls as party favors for a reception or baby shower, PCP will gladly cover those needs. In the near future, Mike also looks forward to offering online sales of PCP gourmet popcorn at their website

As PCP becomes an active member of the downtown Muscatine business community, the Hillmans look forward to helping the area grow and thrive. “I was excited to bring something new to downtown. You want to bring people to your town and make it more of a destination for them to shop,” shared Shiloe.

With its delectable delicacies already getting a good reputation locally, PCP will soon draw people from all over to its specialty shop at 119 Chestnut Street. As its reputation and commitment to quality treats becomes even more well-known, Shiloe and Mike will continue to get the positive reception and feedback that could one day make their unique venture into a local legend.

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