Pearl of Muscatine: Kevin Sink

When Kevin Sink started looking for a job as a police officer, he decided to move away from his home in the Cedar Falls Waterloo area. “There was a glut of police wannabes in the area because of the schooling there,” he recalls. When he heard the Muscatine Police Department needed a new officer, he applied, though at the time, he said, “I hadn’t even heard of Muscatine.”

In 1986, Sink joined the Muscatine Police and found himself very at home on the job. He enjoyed the variety each day brought and the many people he got to meet. “There were a lot of characters over the years,” he shared with a smile. Sink also valued the time he got to spend in the squad room listening to older officers reminisce about the many unusual and unexpected situations they had responded to during their careers.

Sink had his fair share of noteworthy experiences too. Along with his fellow officer Mike Scott, he once responded to a call where a woman had climbed onto the underside of the Norbert F. Beckey Bridge and threatened to jump. The two repelled down the sides of the bridge to reach her, and convinced her to come back up with them. For his work in helping to rescue the woman, Sink earned the Medal of Valor.

For Sink, helping local residents only made sense, as he had come to love living in Muscatine. “There are parts of it that remind me of my hometown,” he explained. “We’re close enough to the big stuff that we can go to it, but it still has a small town feel.” After meeting so many people through his work, sink found that he likes going out for a walk or for dinner and always seeing someone familiar to stop and chat with.

After 34 years on the job, Sink decided the time had come for him to retire. “When everyone on my shift wasn’t alive when I started, I knew it was just about time–it was time to pass the torch,” he stated.

Now enjoying his retirement, Sink looks forward to doing, “as little as I can get away with,” though he knows his family and community will continue to find ways to keep him busy.