Pearl of Muscatine: The Rosemans

Rob Roseman took to bowling quickly. When he was five-years-old, his mother got a job at a local bowling alley, and Roseman spent so much time there he joked, “I was born in a bowling alley.” Roseman and his brothers soon started bowing in junior tournaments, which often brought him to Plamor Lanes in Muscatine. He had fond memories of visiting long after his junior bowling days ended.

As an adult, Roseman started seriously considering running a bowling alley of his own. “My family had always had aspirations to buy a bowling alley,” he explained. Shortly after his family purchased their first bowling alley in Davenport, they heard Plamor Lanes in Muscatine had gone up for sale and they knew they had to expand their business. “It’s the only alley there, and we didn’t want to see it go away,” Roseman said. Once purchased, the Rosemans transformed the old business into the Rose Bowl many know today.

Throughout the year, the Rosemans work to give back to the community in a variety of ways. Just recently, they rented out their lot to a group to hold a benefit of their own. They also partnered with both the Louisa-Muscatine and Muscatine High School Bowling teams to help sell shirts promoting breast cancer awareness.

However, Bowling for Boobies stands out as their largest annual community support effort. Several years ago at their Davenport location, the Rosemans began Bowling for Boobies, a fundraiser to help fund cancer care at the local hospital. As the event proved successful, the Rosemans transformed it into a benefit to help a local family in need pay for the costs of their cancer care. Wanting to spread the love to Muscatine, the Rosemans, with the help of Troy Smith, the Rose Bowls’ local manager and Rob Roseman’s best friend, started a Bowling for Boobies event in Muscatine too.

Once in Muscatine, Roseman shared Bowling for Boobies became wildly popular and has gained wide community support. Roseman credits this success to the generosity of Muscatine’s bowling community. “It’s not hard to pull something together because everybody knows everybody and they’re family.”