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    Powering the Community: Muscatine Power and Water Hosts Annual Power Breakfast

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    Over the last year, Muscatine Power and Water (MP&W) has made numerous upgrades to their systems to continue serving the community as efficiently as possible. To share their progress, they hosted their annual Power Breakfast on Tuesday, October 8th.

    To open the event, the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GMCCI) held a ribbon cutting ceremony for MP&W’s lobby remodel at their main building at 3205 Cedar Street, Muscatine. The lobby remodel creates more private spaces for customers to make transactions and provides greater security to MP&W staff working there.

    After the ribbon cutting, Gage Huston, MP&W General Manager, and several other members of MP&W’s Senior Leadership Team, spoke about various projects completed this year or coming up next year that will help Muscatine continue to benefit from high quality service and low rates. Descriptions of two of the most noteworthy projects follow below.

    Fiber to the Home

    Though the Fiber to the Home project has taken longer than anticipated (the completion deadline has moved back to August of 2020), MP&W feels they have taken the steps necessary to get the project on track by renegotiating with AEG, a communications company from Atlanta, Georgia, with whom they have contracted part of this project. From now until the end of next August, MP&W plans to get fiber crews out to as many un-updated properties as possible. As part of this effort, they would like to remind the community that workers will need to access outdoor communication equipment to install the new fiber, so crews will work in the yards of un-updated customers. However, all work will go on outside, allowing it to take place with no one home.

    When the Fiber to the Home project wraps up, Muscatine residents will enjoy significantly faster internet with the possibility for easy upgrades as internet technology improves and becomes cost effective. MP&W’s fiber internet will also tie into multiple outside internet paths, reducing the frequency and duration of outages.

    New Transmission Line

    In 2020, MP&W will build its first new transmission line in thirty-five years. Transmission lines allow MP&W to sell power into the energy grid when they make more than Muscatine uses, and to bring in electricity from other areas if weather knocks down lines from the local generation station. MP&W will build the new transmission line north of the city. This will make Muscatine’s energy supply more secure from weather events. Currently, all of Muscatine’s transmission lines run south of the city. By having a line in a different area, tornados or strong winds cannot blow down all the lines at once. MP&W intends to finish this project in 2021 or 2022.

    At the core of all of their projects, MP&W wants to better serve the Muscatine community and offer them the highest quality utilities. “We really are neighbors helping neighbors,” Huston emphasized. “We’re proud to work here, we’re proud of what we do . . . and we want you to be proud of your utility too,” he said at the conclusion of the breakfast.

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