Public Health continues vaccinating first tier of recipients

MUSCATINE, Iowa–Dec. 31, 2020 Trinity Muscatine Public Health released an update of the progress they have made vaccinating the first tier of recipients. Their message follows verbatim.

The Muscatine County Public Health department is continuing to work through the COVID-19 vaccination recommendations presented by the Iowa Department of Public Health’s Infectious Disease Advisory Council (IDAC) for Tier 1A healthcare personnel (working with infectious materials such as body fluids or blood) and long term care facility residents and employees (skilled group care facilities where healthcare providers come into contact with infectious disease matter). *This information is subject to change based on guidance from the Iowa Department of Public Health and Iowa’s Infectious Disease Advisory Council. Click for IDPH/IDAC recommendations here.

We have a phased strategic approach to moving through all of Tier 1A. Thus far, we have made contacts throughout our entire county with medical clinics, school nurses, emergency medical services/first responders, jail nurses, medical examiners, laboratories, dental clinics, pharmacists, and optometrists. We will be reengaging these businesses that have not made appointments to receive the vaccine at our department during our scheduled vaccine distribution clinics. We want to ensure they are all clearly informed of the process.

We are still in Tier 1A in Muscatine County and moving into our second phase of vaccinating all these defined populations. We will be reaching out to the following health care providers and assisted living facilities within the next two weeks in our county to schedule their vaccination appointments with our department to be administered in the month of January. These continued Tier 1A will include home health workforce, hospice, residential group homes/assisted living facilities for adults (staff and residents), physical therapists, occupational therapists, and radiologists.

The list of recommended Tiers is and will continue to be subject to change as we receive consistently changing guidance from IDAC. We have not received any guidance past Tier 1A populations and local public health departments are required to NOT move on to vaccinating any other populations per a COVID-19 vaccine shortage order for the state of Iowa. We do not have concrete guidance from the state what the timeframe is on the entire roll out of vaccine administration; therefore, at this time we cannot offer any additional guidance to the public besides what we currently know regarding Tier 1A.We anticipate that next Tiering will include continued health, human and safety service providers. In addition, we predict the entire process will take several months to plan and execute.

Muscatine County Public Health is developing a communication plan to announce any new process and vaccine administration updates as we receive them from the state. This information will include a link to an updated PDF template that will keep the public consistently informed of the process and posted to a designated website (to be announced). We ask that you please guide all inquiries to the Muscatine County Public Health department at 563-263-0122 and our @TrinityMuscatinePublicHealth Facebook

We are respectfully seeking your partnership to reassure the communities you serve that the Muscatine County Public Health department is doing all they can to successfully develop these communication plans and mass vaccination points of dispensing clinics for the entire county. We also ask that as we share future updates regarding Tiers and target populations that you help us spread the communication through hard copy print and/or electronic communication formats that you have available in your communities and businesses. We can be more effective working together for the overall health and wellbeing of our county residents and businesses. We thank you in advance for your consideration to be our collaborative partner during this continued public health pandemic