Public Health encourages continued mitigation efforts

Trinity Muscatine Public Health encourages you to continue using mitigation strategies to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

MUSCATINE, Iowa–Muscatine County Public Health Department reminds residents that COVID-19 is still a predominant
disease circulating in our communities and spreads easily from person-to-person. It’s important tom continue all precautionary measures to help slow the spread of the disease to keep yourself and others safe, especially as businesses begin to reopen.

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the purpose of implementing mitigation efforts in a community with a known outbreak is to slow the spread of a virus where there are no medical interventions yet (vaccines or other medications). The strategies implemented can aid in protecting individuals at increased risk for severe illness while protecting the healthcare infrastructure and workforces. We are all called to action to support these efforts in order to make them effective,” states Christy Roby Williams, Muscatine County Public Health Director. “It is important to emphasize
that each person is responsible for themselves in order to protect their own health, their loved ones, workplaces and their communities.”

Mitigation approaches include the actions below:

  • Personal protective measures (e.g., 20 second handwashing, hand sanitizer, cough etiquette, and wearing face coverings) that persons can use at home or while in community settings.
  • • Physical distancing (e.g., maintaining 6 feet or more of physical distance between persons in community and work settings, staying home if possible, especially if you are ill).
  • Environmental surface cleaning at home and in community settings, such as childcare or workplaces.

“We must each continue to do our part to reduce the spread in our county and follow the recommendations of the Iowa Department of Public Health and the CDC”, states Roby Williams. “We must manage this public health pandemic with a continued focus on individual precautionary actions and through aligned community efforts. We do not want to see additional spikes in our positive cases and deaths, it is too much heartache to bear. We need Muscatine County’s help to sustain these mitigation efforts while reducing the spread of COVID-19.”

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