Reimagining the Classics: Flipped Out Furniture Opens in Muscatine

Josh and Rebekah Terry officially opening Flipped Out Furniture at the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry's ribbon cutting ceremony on November 30th.

When Rebekah Terry found some quality furniture out with the trash, she did not realize it would inspire her to open a business. “It all started with a couple of little pieces that we found just sitting by the side of the road,” she recalled. “They were awesome pieces, good bones, but somebody threw them out. So, my dad and I decided to grab them.”

Old furniture in hand, Rebekah and her father began the process of restoring it. A novice, Rebekah learned many skills from her father. “At that time, I didn’t really know too much about fixing furniture, so my dad’s input helped me out.”

After finishing the pieces, Rebekah took them to the Freight House Farmers Market in Davenport. They sold well, and many people began asking for information about her storefront. In 2016, she opened Flipped Out Furniture in Davenport and ran it successfully for four years. 

During that time, Rebekah met her husband, Josh Terry. A builder by trade, Josh started out doing contract work on her home. After they married, Josh put his skills to work restoring furniture for the store, as well as continuing some of his home improvement work. A talented craftsman, his work brought new life to many pieces.

After the Terrys purchased a farm in Muscatine county, they decided they wanted to move their store closer to home. Downtown Muscatine proved the perfect location. “We visited Muscatine last winter and we just fell in love with the look of it, and we feel it matches what we’re doing,” explained Josh. “We’re giving old things new life and showing people the quality of [their] history . . . and that’s exactly what Downtown Muscatine is.”

 The Terrys fully renovated their new store at 225 East Second Street, Muscatine, and the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a ribbon cutting for it on November 30th, Small Business Saturday. With the store open and fully stocked, Flipped Out Furniture welcomes you to come see their wide variety of refinished desks, buffets, dressers, and one of a kind small items. They also create custom furniture by request and do home improvement work. 

At the heart of their work, the Terrys look to serve and grow the Muscatine community. “We’re committed to downtown. We believe in it. We believe in the people, and we’re just really excited to be here” shared Rebekah.