Retirement Resource Group adapts to keep serving families

Retirement Resource Group advisors Rick Bower, John Beckey, and Jakob Bower look forward to sharing their experience with the community in a variety of ways.

MUSCATINE, Iowa–Since 2009, Retirement Resource Group has worked to provide financial advice and services to Muscatine area residents. 10 years later, Retirement Resource Group’s three advisors, John Beckey, Jakob Bower, and Rick Bower, continue to strive for these same goals. To continue to provide a high level of service, Retirement Resource Group has adjusted how they do business to better meet the needs of their customers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent updates to their website and social media have also helped them connect with the community more than ever before.

Since COVID-19 came to Muscatine County in March, Retirement Resource Group adapted how they work with their customers. With many uncomfortable with or unable to attend face to face meetings, Retirement Resource Group has found ways to meet with clients at a distance, via phone and video conference. This allows them to safely discuss the many services they offer, including retirement plans such as new or rollover IRAs, legacy planning, retirement plans for small and medium sized businesses, and life insurance policies. As Jakob Bower put it, “our day to day and what we’re offering hasn’t changed; people are wanting to retire just as much as they did ten years ago.”

To further help people learn about Retirement Resource Group and retirement planning in general, Bower shared they have updated their social media and website to provide more at home resources. On their Facebook page, Retirement Resource Group provides updates on a variety of retirement planning topics of interest to the general public even beyond their clients. “We are trying to make the content accessible to everyone,” Bower emphasized. The Facebook page will also offer details on some of the services Retirement Resource Group offers as well.

On their website,, visitors will find articles discussing current market trends and how they relate to retirement planning as well as general information on retirement investment. The website also provides contact information for each of Retirement Resource Group’s advisors.

To tie all their updated offerings together, Retirement Resource Group redesigned their logo. A sleek, squared off image in clean shades of blue, white, and gray, their new emblem shows their dedication to keeping up with current best practices and the needs of their clients. The new logo also includes a silhouette of the Norbert F. Beckey Bridge, which featured prominently in their previous design. Bower says it represents, “bridging the gap with retirement planning.” The bridge also has additional meaning for the members of Retirement Resource Group as it takes its name from advisor John Beckey’s father.