Rotary Club donates heart rate monitors to Muscatine High

A first year student at Muscatine High School using a heart rate monitor and armband donated by the Muscatine Rotary Club.

MUSCATINE, Iowa–When Rotary Club of Muscatine member Kim Warren heard that Muscatine High School wanted heart rate monitors for their physical education students to use, she thought it provided a perfect opportunity for the Rotary Club to assist them. She said, “The need was presented to the Rotary Board when we were looking for ideas for community projects since health and education are both important to Rotarians.”

Other members agreed they wanted to help Muscatine High School with this project, and the club applied to Rotary District 6000 for a matching grant, which they received. Using these funds along with money they raised previously, the club purchased 60 armbands, 40 heart rate monitors, and two iPads to donate to the school. Now, first year physical education classes and advanced strength training classes can utilize them to better observe how those classes help them improve their endurance and recovery time.

Upon receiving the donations, Muscatine High School Principal Terry Hogenson expressed gratitude on behalf of all of the physical education staff. In a news release, he stated: “they are used daily and have become an integral part of the way we monitor student improvement in our Physical Education Department. The monitors help us to promote healthy lifestyle choices, which is a gift of a lifetime.”

On their part, the Rotary Club felt pleased to offer such benefits to local students. “Our Board of Directors saw this project as a great way to support improved health and physical education for current and future students at Muscatine High School since the heart monitors will be used by classes that are required for all freshman students, shared Muscatine Rotary Club President Rick Gosney.

While the Rotary Club continues to meet virtually, they have kept active in the community through a variety of projects, including donating to help provide summer meals for students.