Rotary gift from the heart

A return to in person instruction at Muscatine High School also means a return to some of those classroom tools that are not accessible at home.  One of those tools is heart rate monitors recently purchased by the Rotary Club of Muscatine and donated to Muscatine High School. The Rotary Club of Muscatine purchased 40 heart rate monitors, 60 arm bands and 2 iPads through a matching grant with Rotary International District 6000.  The heart rate monitors are intended to be used in Health and Fitness classes that are required for all freshman students.  The monitors will be used to measure resting heart rate and to show how fitness exercises can lead to improvement and assist students as they work to achieve a target zone for their resting heart rate.  

The monitors will also be used in Advanced Strength Training classes to demonstrate how heart rate recovery takes place after completing sets of strenuous strength exercises.  “We are extremely grateful to the Rotary Club for their donation of heart rate monitors. They are used daily and have become an integral part of our way we monitor student improvement in our Physical Education Department.  The monitors help us to promote healthy lifestyle choices, which is a gift of a lifetime,” said Muscatine High School Principal, Terry Hogenson. Fitness and exercise affects individuals differently, so to see the actual effects of fitness and heart rate on an individual basis is a valuable tool as students take these lessons from the books for practical use.  Each year the Rotary Club of Muscatine provides scholarships to a number of students at Muscatine High Schools students to be used for post-secondary education and holds special luncheons to connect with and support students as they explore their future career choices.   “These students are the future leaders of Muscatine. We are happy to support their learning with this donation and will continue to look for ways to support students in Muscatine” states Rotary member, Megan Francis.  To learn more about the Rotary Club of Muscatine contract Jessica Wittman at [email protected].

Contact:  Megan Francis, Vision 2020 Deputy Director & Rotary Club Community Services Chair [email protected] 563-607-3355