Shining a Light on Area Schools: Josh Zeman
by West Liberty Community School District
January 30, 2023
Josh Zeman. Photo courtesy West Liberty Community School District.

What do you enjoy most about school?

“The community. The people are what makes school the fun environment that it is. I love hanging out with people I normally wouldn’t, and seeing different perspectives they have. It provides a space where everyone is willing to learn while also being able to have fun and mess around while doing so. I wouldn’t trade West Liberty for anything.”

Name: Josh Zeman

Grade: Senior

School: West Liberty High School

Josh Zeman enjoys taking the lead in many areas at school. In sports, he served as the varsity football captain for one year and the varsity wrestling captain for two. In band, where he plays percussion, Josh has also had the role of section leader for three years. He enjoys his role as a CYG youth leader.

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