Shining a Light on Area Schools: Joslin Crumly

Name: Joslin Crumly

Grade: Senior

School: Louisa-Muscatine Junior-Senior High School

Joslin Crumly

Joslin Crumly enjoys pursuing many interests both at school and in her community. Athletically, Joslin competes in basketball, cheerleading, softball, and volleyball. Also a performer, she loves singing in the jazz and treble choirs. Eager to volunteer, Joslin spends her time assisting many organizations, including MCSA, the Muscatine Community Y, and her church. Joslin keeps busy by participating in FFA, the National Honors Society, and creating art, some of which she exhibited at the SCC Art Convention.

What do you enjoy most about school?

I enjoy the people and the atmosphere that they create. This may come from me attending a small school like L-M and knowing everyone that comes through the front door as I have gone to school with them for a period of time. The atmosphere that not only the kids create but the teachers. School to me is a tool to better my future and I like how I’m learning something new every day.

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