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    Shining a Light on Area Schools: Keagen Head

    Durant Community School District
    Durant Community School Districthttps://www.durant.k12.ia.us/
    It is the mission of the Durant Community School District, as an innovative leader in a rural setting, to prepare life-long learners to use their unique potentials to benefit their community and to adapt to a global society by providing students with experiences, opportunities, challenges, and tools for individual growth.

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    Name: Keagen Head

    School: Durant High School

    Grade: Senior

    Keagen Head

    Keagen Head has enjoyed every part of his high school experience. An outstanding student, Keagen belongs to the National Honor Society, has earned three all-district and three all-conference academic awards, and attended Boy’s State. A four season athlete, Keagen competes in baseball, basketball, football, and track. He has received second team all-district football, all-conference elite team: outfield, and all-district first team utility awards. Keagen has many other interests, including drama, choir, journalism, and student council. He also volunteers extensively and has logged 171 hours of community service while in high school.

    What do you enjoy most about school?

    “I enjoy school a lot. I enjoy the extra curricular activities as well as the academics. I like having the responsibility of sports and grades. Of course, grades always come first for me, and they’re a very important priority in my life. The thing I enjoy most about high school though is being a leader. I like influencing others with advice and interacting with my classmates to better each other. It’s been easier now as an upperclassman because you have more people that will listen to you, but it’s always been important to me to be able to help people.”

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