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    Shining a Light on Area Schools: Muscatine: Malia Cook

    Muscatine Community School Disctrict (MCSD)
    Muscatine Community School District offers public education from three year old preschool through high school. The district prides itself on making all of its students success stories.

    Muscatine Living

    Malia Cook

    What do you enjoy most about school?

    I really love my AP classes and my teachers. I feel like when I take them, they make me think outside of the box. I also really like the social interaction since COVID has been a stressful year.

    Name: Malia Cook

    Grade: Senior

    School: Muscatine High School

    In her free time, Malia Cook enjoys volunteering at the Salvation Army, assisting at elementary schools, and helping her teachers. A good student, Malia belongs to the National Honors Society and plays in the orchestra. An outstanding athlete, Malia competes in volleyball, wrestling, track and field, and softball.

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