How To Make Homemade Twinkies Copycat Cuisine, HSTV

"Did you love Twinkies as a kid? Or maybe you still have one as a snack now and then! Our resident family consumer sciences teacher, Suzet, attempts to remake Twinkies from scratch, starting with the yellow sponge cake. An important part of this step is making sure the cake is aerated so you get that soft, fluffy, classic Twinkie texture. Suzet uses a canoe pan to get the iconic Twinkie shape from her cake batter. For the cream filling, Suzet struggles to get the perfect smooth consistency from her mixture. Her second attempt is better than the first thanks to the addition of marshmallow cream. But will it beat the original Twinkies flavor? And how do you get the filling inside the cake? Find out as Suzet mixes up homemade Twinkies.