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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

    Slowing Down to Rev Up: Lindsay Frazier to Open Energy 108 Yoga Loft in Muscatine

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    Despite our best intentions, everyone gets over scheduled or overworked sometimes. When long time Muscatine area fitness instructor Lindsay Frazier, first discovered yoga, she found an activity that helped her restore balance to her life and get away from the hecticness of everyday life. Invigorated by what yoga does for her, Frazier will open Energy 108 Yoga Loft in the heart of Downtown Muscatine on Saturday, September 7th.

    In Frazier’s own words, “I was 100% sold on yoga when I took my first class and found out you get to lay down and take an “acceptable adult nap” at the end (in yoga it’s called ‘Savasana’).”

    More than just a clever way to sneak in a snooze, Frazier found that the calming and restorative elements of yoga helped her address physical and mental issues that she had dealt with for a long time. “I suffered from digestive issues and things like anxiety for years. When I found yoga, everything in my body started to balance out. . . yoga works my body, but also forces me to slow down and breathe.” Satisfied with the results she had found from her practice, Frazier wanted to share what she had found with others.

    For Frazier, opening her own yoga studio made perfect sense based on her fitness training background. After studying to become a fitness and weight loss coach in college, Frazier partnered with Christina Kelly. The pair ran a fitness studio and wellness center for several years. When they decided to close their first venture, Frazier knew the time had come to open a yoga studio. “After we decided to close, I knew I wanted to focus solely on Yoga . . . In the last three years, I’ve taught in some amazing places like in the middle of the jungle, on a beach, poolside, and in vineyards. I’ve also had great opportunities to find and create new yogis in corporate meeting rooms, break rooms, country clubs, bars and breweries, and hospitals. But, there’s just something about having a space dedicated to all things yoga.”

    With this goal in mind, Frazier rented an upstairs space at 123 W Second St, Muscatine (over the Sino U. S. Friendship Center) and converted it into a yoga studio that will cater to students with a wide variety of interests. “All classes are beginner friendly. We specialize in Vinyasa (flowing class), Restorative, and Hot Yoga. But we will have class series and workshops that will focus on all different styles of yoga and focus points like balance, core strength, meditation, and deep tissue release,” explained Frazier.

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