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    Stanley Center unveils Explorer Awards, new program brand

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    The Stanley Center for Peace and Security partners with people, organizations, and the greater global community to drive policy progress in three issue areas—avoiding the use of nuclear weapons, mitigating climate change, and preventing mass violence and atrocities. The center was created in 1956 by C. Maxwell and Elizabeth Stanley of Muscatine, Iowa and maintains its independence while developing forums for diverse perspectives and ideas. More information available at stanleyfoundation.org.

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa–The Stanley Center for Peace and Security’s Global Education program announced its 2021 Catherine Miller Explorer Award recipients during virtual meetings with area teachers on Tuesday, Feb. 2 and Thursday, Feb.. Trisha Weeks, a fifth grade teacher at Franklin Elementary School, and Kelsey Meier, a second grade teacher at Madison Elementary school, received the annual award and will each receive a study abroad tour to an international destination of their choosing in either 2021 or 2022. The award takes its name from Catherine Miller, a longtime Muscatine educator and avid traveler who always sought to expand her students’ understanding of the world.

    Trisha Weeks receiving her 2021 Catherine Miller Explorer Award.
    Kelsey Meier receiving her 2021 Catherine Miller Explorer Award.

    Krista Regennitter, Program Officer for Global Education at the center, presented the awards. “We recognize the important role educators play in cultivating young people’s curiosity for the world and respect of diversity,” she said: “In Ms. Miller’s memory, the purpose of this award is to provide teachers with an education abroad experience that will nurture global competencies, awareness, and understanding that will translate to inspiring a global mindset in their students, colleagues, and community. Through this experience teachers will come away with new insight into how to support students from diverse backgrounds, include global perspectives into their classroom, and expand their horizons personally and professionally.”

    The award presentation coincides with the launch of a new brand for the Stanley Center’s Global Education programming in Muscatine, Global Education at Stanley Center.

    “We realized that the purpose and extent of the Stanley Center’s local programs are not familiar to many in our area, nor is our work on global policy to mitigate climate change, avoid the use of nuclear weapons, and prevent mass violence and atrocities,” stated Mark Seaman, Director of Communications at the Stanley Center. “By uniting our local programs under one identity, we hope to more easily tell the story of their connection to one another and also invite more conversation about our other areas of work.”

    The goals of the Global Education program at the Stanley Center are to foster inclusive dialogue, celebrate diverse perspectives, and promote equity to build a more peaceful and just world. The program’s unique emphasis is on partnering with the Muscatine community—specifically local educators and organizations—to grow global awareness and understanding.

    Ongoing partnerships include those with Muscatine Community School District teachers, Muscatine Community College, the University of Iowa, and the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine. Opportunities for young people and the community facilitated by the program include the annual Catherine Miller Explorer Awards for local educators, assisting the Model United Nations club at Muscatine High School, organizing the Inclusive Dialogue author speaker series, and other events and programs that build globally-minded citizenship in the area.

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