Still Discovering Muscatine, Seven Years Later
by Tony Tone
June 28, 2019

When was the last time you found yourself in a part of Muscatine that you’d never been before? I’m still having that happen nearly seven years later.

Last week, I had left work at Hy-Vee and made my way home, only to have gone into ‘autopilot’ mode. The next thing I noticed, I was driving down Harmony Lane and for a moment I felt totally lost. I quickly learned that you have to turn back around to get out of Harmony Lane back to Houser Street, but for a brief moment, I was lost in my own town.

You’re probably thinking, “Tony, why not go for your phone and open Google Maps?” There’s no fun in knowing exactly where you’re at…sometimes. I know there are more roads, people, and places that I’ve yet to personally discover throughout Muscatine, and that to me is exciting.

This week, I hope to discover THE best place to watch the fireworks being shot off from the river in downtown Muscatine. Is Mark Twain overlook the best place? Should the family and I grab a blanket, a bucket of Bug Soother, and sit in the Pearl City Station along the riverfront? Maybe you know the best place to watch them and you’ll kindly extend me an invitation? If that’s the case, [email protected] please and thank you. I promise we’ll bring enough Bug Soother to share.

Discovering new adventures in your own backyard is something I will never get tired of. Walking in our downtown and stopping into the mom & pop local businesses and having great conversations with people is something I’ll never get tired of.

Bragging about all the good things in Muscatine is something I hope we all do more of. It’s always easy to complain/sweat the small stuff, but when was the last time you held the door open for a stranger? Left a positive review online for a local business? Picked up the bill for the car behind you? Or, something as simple as a smile to a stranger you pass walking through Weed Park. Whether Muscatine has been your home since birth or just the last seven years, there is much to discover and share with each other. I’ll continue discovering Muscatine and hope that our paths cross sooner than later.

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