Stylin’ and Profilin’ Studio 180
by Discover Muscatine Staff
August 07, 2020

What is one of the things you missed the most during quarantine? Of course, at the top of my list was family and friends, but also I missed Studio 180 terribly. I happened to be going through the very awkward stage of growing my hair back out after losing it to that cancer crap. Let’s just say, it was good that I was not going out in public. Ha Ha!

All jokes aside though, the time that I spend at Studio 180 is very important to me. It is the place I go that no matter how I felt going in, I come out feeling like a new person. Even when I had no hair, I still stopped in to get a dose of the positive energy you get when you go there.

This small business that is right here in Muscatine is one that embodies all of the things we love about locally owned places–the passion they have for their business, the smiling faces when you enter, the service that you receive, the follow up, but above all the “I just joined a new family” feel.

When you are seeking out a new stylist, it is so important that it is someone that you can trust and someone that will tell you when you have a completely crazy idea (like chopping all of the hair off that you have been working on growing out for the last six years) or will let you know when you bring in that Pinterest photo that it is indeed photo shopped and if she tried to do that to your hair it would most definitely fall out in the wash bowl. This is what I have found in my girls at Studio 180 for sure. If you are on the hunt, then I think you should check them out! Six out of five starts for sure. 🙂

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