Sunburned at 36

I was off work last Thursday, July 2, when my wife Kasey, suggested we take the kids to Deep Lakes park. I changed into my bathing suit, and we jumped into our car and headed down the road.

Upon arriving at the lake, we took time to cover the kids in sunscreen. I think it was at least SPF 50, if not more. My wife covered me with enough sunscreen to coat 10 people. We enjoyed the time at the lake and the fact that it was not overly crowded.

Somehow, the one hour we spent in the water would leave me with a wicked sunburn. As a matter of fact, as I’m writing this column, my back feels like the surface of the sun. How did that happen?! It’s maddening considering the amount of time and sunscreen that I had on only to be burned.

I even did the ultimate “I have a sunburn move” which is to take a cold shower, which is oddly soothing. When was the last time you took a cold shower? I can’t remember the last time that happened that I wasn’t also sunburned at the same time.

Following the burn, I opted to use a little aloe vera, which is just magical, isn’t it? Like I know that you can grow aloe, but I tend to prefer it from a bottle that’s hidden in the back of our hallway closet, the same closet that resembles the one drawer in your kitchen often referred to as the “junk drawer.”

I really should take time to organize that closet. So many oddities can be found there, like 700 Q-Tips, because you can never have enough of those, right? And, why would someone design something that looks like it should go inside your ear but then advise on the packaging that it shouldn’t?

So, I’m 36 years old and dealing with a sunburn, which will for sure lead to peeling on my shoulders. Maybe the secret is to just not wear a shirt outside anymore. That or, it’s time for my family to install a pool. Have you ever known someone that owns a pool that doesn’t have a perfect tan? Seriously, think of anyone that you know that has a pool and I bet they are perfectly tan. Those folks are smart, and the investment they made in their pool has paid off.

Me on the other hand, well, I’m looking at a inflatable pool in my backyard as I’m writing this and thinking jumping in wouldn’t be a bad idea. I should also probably lose 25-50 pounds before I start that “no shirt” thing.