The Hottest Week

Last week, my family and I went without air conditioning on the main level of our house for four days. Our central air conditioning unit needed to have a capacitor replaced, and that’s the extent of my HVAC knowledge.

This is in no way, shape, or form me looking for your pity or sympathy. Rather, it is an opportunity for me to acknowledge the folks that helped us to fix the situation. Some background, my family and I moved back in May, and with that came a home warranty that our seller left for us.

I called in to make the claim last Sunday and was told that, after paying the $100 deductible, it would take the company 24 to 48 hours to locate a service provider to do the work. Now, if you know anything about Muscatine, it is that we have a ton of local people in the HVAC business.

So, because I’m impatient, I started texting my heating and air conditioning friends. First up was my former neighbor and friend, Adan Areguin with Areguin Heating and Cooling followed by Robbie Chamberlin with Chamberlin Heating & Air Conditioning, followed by Dan Moody with Moody Heating & Air Conditioning, and a voicemail that I left with Kelly Heating & Cooling.

I gave the warranty company the benefit of the doubt, since I had already paid them $100, and ended up waiting 36 hours before I finally called them. They had not assigned anyone to the job. At that point, I had reached out to our realtor, Dave Armstrong with ReMax, who was able to connect me directly to the home warranty company’s Iowa representative.

I’m pleased to report that after four days and numerous phone calls, my friend Adan (mentioned above) and his crew agreed to work with the warranty company and completed the repair on the unit. While I wish the process of using the home warranty company went smoother, I would use it again should something go wrong (as I knock on wood).

It truly is the people of Muscatine that make this community so great. We go out of our way to help our neighbors in so many ways. I realize that this story is very personal to my family, but I think it is important to share that things like this are happening all the time in the Pearl City. While we certainly have our set of challenges and things to improve, I’m so incredibly grateful to call Muscatine my home and more importantly, the place where my children will be raised.

I also realize that I am very fortunate, considering how many local folks dealt with the extreme heat last week. We know how hot things can get in the months of August and September. It is my hope that you and your family are able to beat the heat and stay safe. I haven’t even mentioned that it’s almost back to school time–I’ll save that for a future column. Stay cool!