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    The Jelly to Their Peanut Butter: Abbie and Emma Yerington Donate 1,000 Pounds of Jelly to MCSA

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    When the Muscatine Hy-Vees partnered with Skippy Peanut Butter to donate 1,000 pounds of peanut butter to Muscatine Center for Social Action (MCSA), they issued a challenge to the community to match it with 1,000 pounds of jelly. On the afternoon of Tuesday, October 29th, the same day the Hy-Vees presented their donations, Abbie and Emma Yerington, twin sophomores at Muscatine High School, accepted the challenge and matched the donation, providing outstanding support for those in need.

    Ever since elementary school, the Yeringtons have done a lot to support MCSA. Starting in Second Grade, the two have run a program called Coins for Christmas, where they visit local businesses and collect cash donations of any size. They then turn the money they raise into Christmas gifts for MCSA residents, as well as items the shelter needs, such as mattresses and TVs. 

    When they learned about this new opportunity to give back to their favorite charity, they knew they had to do it. “When we heard about this chance, we knew we wanted to take it,” Emma shared. “MCSA means a lot to us, so we’re happy to help.” 

    After school on the day they made their donation, the Yeringtons visited Hy-Vee Second Avenue to make their gift to MCSA official, and to find out for themselves just how much jelly made up 1,000 pounds. When they saw their donation on a pallet ready for delivery to MCSA, they both felt awed by just how much food their donation would provide. “It feels really good. Food is important, and we get to donate a lot,” said Abbie as she looked over the donation. “We know it will go a long way,” added Emma.

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