The Sappy Column

Warning: the contents of this week’s column will contain details about why the writer loves his wife and will be an eight on the “Sappy Scale.” You were warned, and if you stuck around, can I just take a second to wish my wife (of over eight years), Kasey, a very happy belated Valentine’s Day? You see friends, this cupid failed to realize that Valentine’s Day was on a Sunday this year, thus throwing off the process in which I (sometimes) carefully craft the release of these columns.

Many of you know that my wife, Kasey, was born and raised here in Muscatine. What you may not know is our story and how we found each other. So, a long time ago (feels like an eternity when I stop and think about it) I was part of the Red Hot Brian Scott & Tony Tone radio show on B100 in the Quad Cities. Kasey’s mom, Kim, was a listener of the show and by sheer luck managed to win a holiday themed contest one year (we gave away $100 in cash courtesy of our friend’s jewelry store).

On a separate morning, Kim was able to be caller 100 and quickly hurried into Kasey’s room, waking her up and handing her the phone, thus making her the winner. Now keep in mind at this time I did not know Kim or Kasey, so don’t get any ideas like I was rigging a radio contest in 2008 because that wouldn’t be true.

Fast forward to Kasey adding me as a friend on Facebook and me (at that time) accepting the request and doing what most single guys would do to investigate her profile (or Face-Creep, if you’ll have it). I sent Kasey a message, she replied, and the next thing I knew we were having dinner in the winter of 2009. We started dating and the rest, as they say in cheesy movies, books, and TV shows, is history. I should mention that we were married in September of 2012 in Rock Island and as Kasey walked up to the altar, the power went out and we had to move the ceremony outside–wild!

I’m so thankful to have Kasey in my life as my wife and best friend. We have three fantastic children, three pets (probably two too many) and have made a good life for ourselves via hard work. We’re also not perfect and have our struggles, but we face them together.

So, I know that this time of year can be a tough one for those who are single. My hope for you is that one day, you’ll find someone that can be both your significant other and best friend. If that doesn’t sound good, then here’s my backup advice- –go to Hy-Vee right now and buy all the discounted Valentine’s Day candy because you can! While you’re there, grab a large Hershey’s kiss for me.