The Tony Crown Affair

Let’s go back in time to Sunday, Sept. 26th, right around 8:45 p.m. My house was quiet, and for some reason, that seemed like the best time for me to enjoy a thing of fruit snacks. I grabbed the bag from our kitchen pantry, strolled into the living room, and sat on the couch.

It was within the first couple of bites that I felt something in my mouth that did not feel like a soft, delicious fruit snack. I did that move where you try and feel what is going on with your tongue right before I felt something go crack again in my mouth.

I tried to remain calm as I scurried to a large mirror we have in our dining room. I flipped on the light, opened my mouth, and there it was, a large crack running through the only crown I have.

For those of you with perfect teeth, a crown is something that is placed on top of a damaged tooth. In my case, I have a crown following my one and only root canal that took place in 2010. Let me tell you I do not recommend ever having a root canal. That was not a fun experience, nor was cracking the aforementioned crown!

So, first thing Monday morning, I called Clove Dental, where I’ve gone the last nine years since I have lived in Muscatine, and to my surprise, they were able to get me in the same day!

Clove Dental is owned and operated by brothers Dr. Ben and Dr. Will Clove, both of whom I have seen over the years, but just for the twice a year cleanings.

Dr. Clove confirmed the crown was cracked and shared that it would be highly recommended that I replace it to avoid bacteria getting into the opening of the crack and potentially causing me to have another root canal. I opted for the replacement, and 35 minutes later, I was getting out of the chair with a temporary crown in place. As you’re reading this column (on either Tuesday, Oct. 5 or Wednesday, Oct. 6) I have my new crown in place. I joked that perhaps I should get a gold or diamond tooth, but I opted for a traditional crown.

I’m extremely grateful for the team at Clove Dental (and I mean everyone that works there is just fantastic) for remedying my cracked crown in such a timely manner. I’m also grateful to have dental insurance that covered 80% of the cost of the new crown! Talk about saving a few bucks–holy cats that was nice!

Anyways, I’ll continue taking care of my teeth and hoping that this never happens again because I’m a giant man-baby. I should clarify, since I had the root canal all those years ago, there’s no nerve near that tooth, so I didn’t feel anything or experience any pain. I’m just, in general, a baby and when stuff happens I try to get it fixed ASAP. Whereas my wife, Kasey, who is tough, would grin and bear it a few days longer. I hope you’ve enjoyed “The Tony Crown Affair” coming to the big screen this winter!