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Theresa Putnam-Genz Receives 2019 Iowa Multi-Level School Counselor of the Year Award

Louisa-Muscatine Community School District (LMCSD)
Louisa-Muscatine Schools is located along the Mississippi River south of Muscatine, Iowa. Our school name comes from being part of Louisa and Muscatine counties. Included in our district are the communities of Grandview, Letts, Fruitland, Cranston, and Muscatine. With this population base, our school district has approximately 1,100 students. Information about the city of Muscatine can be found by clicking here. The Louisa-Muscatine district encompasses a harmonious blend of farm land, industry, business and growing residential areas. Although located in a tranquil, rural setting, we have quick access to many cultural centers and events in neighboring cities such as Iowa City, Davenport-Rock Island, Muscatine, Chicago, St. Louis, and Cedar Rapids. With our close location to larger cities and closeness to the recreational aspects of the Mississippi, Iowa and Cedar Rivers, our growing rural community benefits from its location, its resources, and its common-sense people.

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Theresa Putnam-Genz, school counselor at Louisa-Muscatine Community School District (LMCSD), Columbus Community School District (CCSD), and Muscatine Community College (MCC), earned the 2019 Iowa Multi-Level School Counselor of the Year Award. The Iowa School Counselor Association (ISCA) gave this award to Putnam-Genz at their annual conference, held in Des Moines on November 4th, 2019.

Putnam-Genz received recognition for the outstanding, comprehensive, and data-driven school counseling program she developed and implemented at LMCSD, CCSD, and MCC. Putnam-Genz proved instrumental in ensuring excellence in each counseling program by applying the ASCA national model.

A multi-level school counselor since 2009, Putnam-Genz has divided her time between LMCSD, CCSD, and MCC for the past decade. During that time, she engaged in numerous professional activities, including committee involvement and presentations to further the school counseling profession.

Superintendent Mike Van Sickle of LMCSD shared, “teaching students about college and career options, driving them to scholarship opportunities, talking to parents in the evenings, communicating with graduates, and much more is what Ms. Putnam-Genz does, in her new and innovative counseling program.”

Jennifer Fernandez-Miranda, a former student, wrote the following about what Putnam-Genz does for her students:

Mrs. Putnam is the most passionate counselor I have ever encountered, and she has been very helpful to multiple students. I know this because of the community she helped create at Muscatine [Community College] and the connections she still has with Columbus students. She pushes us to be the best versions of ourselves. She encourages [us] to take opportunities that we may not have had the guts to take on our own. She is there to comfort us during our difficult times and to celebrate with us during the best of times.

Staff and students alike feel fortunate to have Putnam-Genz represent Iowa as the 2019 Multi-Level School Counselor of the Year!

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