Traffic patterns to change on Park Avenue, East 2nd Street

MUSCATINE, Iowa – Changes will be implemented on Monday (May 17) to the traffic patterns through the construction areas on Park Avenue and on East 2nd Street according to officials at the Department of Public Works.


Restoration and brickwork in the East 2nd Street and Sycamore Street intersection is nearly complete with the contractor anticipating opening the intersection to traffic on Monday. Lane restrictions will be implemented in the 100 block of East 2nd Street at the same time with only westbound traffic permitted through the block from Iowa to Sycamore.


There will be no parking permitted in the 100 block of East 2nd Street as the contractor begins sidewalk and pavement removal and replacement on the north half of the block. Removal and replacement on the south half of the block will begin May 31.


Pavement removal and replacement in the east half of the Washington Street and Park Avenue intersection is wrapping up along with full depth patching and sidewalk replacement  on the east side of Park Avenue from East 4th Street to Washington Street. The contractor anticipates switching the intersection closure to the west half on Monday.


The contractor will also be closing traffic in the western two lanes of Park Avenue from just south of the intersection with Colorado Street through the Washington Street intersection. Two way traffic will be maintained in the eastern two lanes of Park Avenue.



051321 2nd Street Sycamore Intersection 01 (JPG)

Repaving of the East 2nd and Sycamore intersection has been completed with KE Flatwork, Inc., working to complete the sidewalks and Eastern Iowa Landscaping the brickwork in the intersection area. The intersection is tentatively scheduled to open May 17 to limited traffic. Once the intersection is open, work will begin on removal and replacement of the curb and gutter and the sidewalk in the 100 block of East 2nd Street starting on the north side.


There will be no parking permitted in the 100 block of East 2nd Street from May 17 through June 14. Traffic will be restricted to one lane during the sidewalk replacement and full depth patching of the roadway with eastbound traffic only May 17-31 (during work on the north side) and westbound only traffic June 1-14 (during work on south side).


The current schedule has the 100 block of East 2nd Street completed by June 15 when work will move into the East 2nd Street and Iowa Avenue intersection. The contractor anticipates the intersection being closed June 14-July 26.




T051321 Park Avenue - Washington intersection 01 (JPG)he removal and replacement of pavement in the east half of the Washington Street and Park Avenue intersection is tentatively scheduled to be completed this week with the intersection closure moved to the west half starting Monday, May 17. Manatts, the prime contractor for the Park Avenue project, anticipates that work in the intersection will continue through at least May 24, weather permitting.


Traffic on Park Avenue is currently restricted to the western two lanes for Stage 2 work but that is expected to be completed by the weekend. The lane restriction will be switched Monday to the eastern two lanes for Stage 3 (the east side of Park Avenue from just south of Colorado through the Washington Street intersection). Two way traffic will be maintained in the eastern two lanes of Park Avenue.


Details on the intersection closure detours is available at the following links:


Closure East Side of Washington Street Intersection (PDF)

Closure West Side of Washington Street Intersection (PDF)

Washington Closure Combined (PDF)


The final stage of the project, Stage 3, includes full depth patching and traffic signal replacement in the intersection at Washington and Park Avenue, and full depth patching, curb and gutter removal and replacement, and sidewalk ADA ramps from Washington to Harrison. That work is tentatively scheduled from May 14 to August 13, weather permitting.


Milling of the old asphalt overlay and placement of a new asphalt overlay along with paint stripping from Cypress on East 2nd Street to Harrison on Park Avenue is anticipated to be completed between June 7 and August 13.


051021 Asphalt Overlay - milling Washington Street 001 (JPG)STREET & ALLEY ASPHALT OVERLAY PROJECT


Nine alley and nine street segments have been milled as part of the 2020-2021 Street & Alley Asphalt Overlay Project. The laying down of new asphalt will begin Friday with the James Place segment from Parkington Drive to the Dead End scheduled first. All work is expected to be completed by June 2, weather permitting.

Segments to be milled and paved: 

  1. Overlay #1 Cypress St: East 2nd St. to Alley
  2. Overlay #2 Washington St: Cypress St. to Walters
  3. Overlay #3 Busch St: Hershey Ave. to Mill St.
  4. Overlay #4 Houser St: Cedar St. to Karen Dr.
  5. Overlay #5 Houser St: Karen Dr. to Mullberry Ave.
  6. Overlay #6 Indiana St: Schley Ave. to Benham Ave.
  7. Overlay #7 Benham Ave: Indiana St. to Wisconsin St.
  8. Overlay #8 James Place: Parkington Dr. to Dead End
  9. Overlay #9 Dewey Ave: Indiana St. to Oregon St.
  10. Alley #1 Hawthorne Lane & Washington St: Orchard Ave. to Park Ave.
  11. Alley #2 Hagerman Lane & Lorenz St: Terrace Heights Dr. to Roscoe Ave.
  12. Alley #3 Pine St. & Linn St: 3rd St. to 4th St.
  13. Alley #4 Cedar St. & Walnut St: 7th St. to 8th St.
  14. Alley #5 Jackson St. & Monroe St: Lincoln Blvd to Grand Ave.
  15. Alley #6 Chestnut St. & Iowa Ave: 5th St. to 6th St.
  16. Alley #7 Harrison St. & McArthur St: Lincoln Blvd to Grand Ave.
  17. Alley #8 Cedar St. & Mullberry Ave: 8th St. to 9th St.
  18. Alley #9 Hawthorne Lane & Parkington Dr: Orchard Ave. to Park Ave.


Grandview Avenue Reconstruction Project


051121 Grandview Avenue 01 (JPG)The two-year Grandview Avenue Reconstruction Project is underway with traffic restricted to northbound traffic only from Main to Musser streets. Southbound traffic will be detoured to Oregon, Stewart Road, and onto Sampson before returning to Grandview. The intersections of Oregon, Warren, and Musser will be kept open as much as possible.

Pavement removal has been completed in the southbound lanes with sanitary and storm sewer work underway. Reconstruction of the southbound lanes will begin once the underground work has been completed starting near the Pearl Street intersection.


Heuer Construction, Inc., was awarded the $7.74 million contract for the two-year Grandview Avenue Reconstruction Project that will remove and replace the pavement from Main Street to approximately 200 yards past Houser Street while adding sidewalks and additional streetscaping to provide a much more inviting corridor for residents and visitors.


Additional information on the project can be found on the City of Muscatine web site at Grandview Avenue Revitalization. A project schedule and portions of the updated plan for the corridor will be available soon on this site.




051321 Full Depth - Evans  (JPG)The Full Depth Patching Project, part of the City of Muscatine 2020-2021 Pavement Management Program, has wrapped up on Ford Avenue and Logan Street. Work has moved to the remaining sections of the contact that two sections on Evans Street, a buckled section near the Reed Street intersection, and the approach to Bond Street. Lane restrictions will be in place for the work on Evans Street.


The final piece to be worked on as part of the current project is Fulliam from Kindler to Devitt. That work will begin after school is out.


All-American Concrete, Inc., was awarded the contract to complete the FY20-21 Full Depth Patching Program and has been working on Ford Avenue and Logan Street. The contract also calls for work on Fulliam Avenue from Kindler to Devitt but that work will not begin until the end of the school year due to the proximity to West Middle School.



051321 West Hill  (JPG)

Phase V of the West Hill Sanitary and Storm Sewer Separation Project is underway beginning on the property at 891 West 8th and working toward Climer Street. A lane restriction is in place on West 8th Street in front of the property at 891 West 8th Street, but the contractor anticipates the street to be open to traffic on Friday. Utility work is tentatively scheduled to move back into West 8th Street on May 24, weather permitting, and continue through July 30.


Hagerty Earthworks, Inc., was awarded the $6.03 million contract for Phase V of the WHSSP. This phase includes replacing sewers on West 8th Street from Broadway to Lucas, on Climer Street from West 8th Street to Lucas, Logan Street from Lucas to Climer, Lucas Street from 912 Lucas to Fletcher Avenue, and through the ravine between Climer and Lucas. 


The first year of the two-year project will focus on West 8th Street and Climer Street.




Drivers are reminded to slow down and use caution when travelling through the construction zone, obey traffic control devices, and be aware of workers. Use an alternate route if possible.


For more information on City of Muscatine construction projects click on CONSTRUCTION to visit the Department of Public Works Construction Projects page.


If you have a comment or concern, please email [email protected] or [email protected]. A staff member will respond within 24 hours.