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    Trinity Muscatine Public Health vaccine update Feb. 14

    Trinity Muscatine Public Health
    Trinity Muscatine Public Healthhttps://www.unitypoint.org/quadcities/muscatine-public-health.aspx
    Trinity Muscatine Public Health provides health education, wellness, and outreach activities for individuals and groups within Muscatine County and the surrounding area. Trinity Muscatine Public Health (TMPH) is contracted by Muscatine County to provide essential public health services for the residents of Muscatine County, working in coordination with the Muscatine County Board of Health. We also have a number of grants to provide additional health-related services to residents in Cedar, Louisa and Muscatine Counties.

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    Trinity Muscatine Public Health has released a new COVID-19 vaccination update. The full text follows below verbatim.

    How is the vaccine being distributed right now?

    • Phase 1A 2nd dose clinics
    • Persons 65 years and older are receiving vaccines through Dr. offices, pharmacies, and public health currently. You will be contacted or informed once the vaccine is available to you.
    • Hy-Vee is receiving 200 doses per week. They will open schedules for the vaccines once they receive them each week and once the appointments are full, they will close them until they receive their next week shipment. Please watch their Facebook page for updates and communications. https://www.facebook.com/MuscatineHV or https://www.hy-vee.com/my-pharmacy/covid-vaccine
    • There are 5 tiers to the workforce that we must vaccinate in order from 1 to 5.
      • Tier 1 = First Responders, School Staff, Early Childhood Educators and Childcare Providers
      • Tier 2 = Manufacturing workers who work in or live in congregate settings that do not allow for social distancing and individuals with disabilities living in home settings and their direct care staff.
      • Tier 3 = Staff of individuals living in congregate settings (does not include college dorms), Government Officials doing business at the Iowa Capitol during legislative session
      • Tier 4 = Inspectors responsible for hospitals, long-term care, and child safety
      • Tier 5 = Correctional facility staff and individuals incarcerated
    • Vaccines are being distributed weekly to the required people in Muscatine County.

    How will I be notified when I can receive the vaccine?

    • Persons 65 years and older are receiving vaccines through Dr. offices, pharmacies, and public health currently.
    • You will be contacted or informed once the vaccine is available to you.
    • It is expected to take until Summer for us to reach all persons 65 and older. This is due to limited vaccines.
    • Public Health is working directly with employers to vaccinate their workforce.
    • We will post updates to:
      • Muscatine County’s website at https://www.muscatinecountyiowa.gov/,
      • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Trinity-Muscatine-Public-Health-221869804495734,
      • Trinity Muscatine website at https://www.unitypoint.org/quadcities/covid-19-vaccine-1.aspx
      • Through local newspapers.

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