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    TruAcre Hosts Open House

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    Each year, Rob Schmidt, Chief Operating Officer of TruAcre, and his entire team work to provide opportunities for local farmers to learn strategies to make their farms more successful. In lieu of their annual spring field day, TruAcre held an open house on July 17th to showcase the services they offer and provide expert advice on farming in this year’s unusual weather.

    Along with changing up this year’s TruAcre event schedule, the unusual weather this spring also provided a topic of conversation for many of the presenters who spoke at the open house. Sam Wilson of Ag Leader Technology in Ames, Iowa, started off the presentation portion of the event by discussing advances in corn planter technology and ways farmers could overcome some of the difficult conditions they experienced this spring. Troy Guidotti of Precision Planting out of Tremont, Illinois, also addressed the challenging spring, and elaborated on ways that new planting technology can help farmers adapt to various field conditions and needs. Finally, Andy Tompson from Yetter Equipment in Colchester Illinois, taught participants about how climate change affects area farmers, and how different tillage and fertilization options can help them adapt to changing weather patterns.

    Tru Acre

    Schmidt shared that most years, TruAcre hosts a spring field day after farmers have finished planting their crops. However, due to heavy rain and a delayed planting season, Schmidt decided that a summer event would make more sense. “We typically have a field day in June, but we couldn’t because people were still in the field.”

    In addition to the day’s speakers, TruAcre also provided attendees opportunities to view equipment displays. These displays allows people to check out all the products and technologies TruAcre has available, and to visualize how they could put them to work on their own farms.

    TruAcre’s demonstration equipment

    During the course of the open house, Schmidt also took time to promote TruAcre’s bus trip to Precision Planning on July 23rd. A free event for TruAcre clients and prospective clients, the trip allowed farmers to tour a 200-acre farm showcasing different agronomy practices, and to do side by side comparisons of different agricultural equipment. Schmidt enthused, “Probably the neatest part is they have a ‘sandbox’ where farmers can actually drive and try out equipment.”

    At the end of the day, Schmidt thought the TruAcre open house went well, and that it proved well attended with approximately thirty visitors. “Considering the heat, I think it was really good. It’s also a really busy time with county fairs, harvesting hay, and hauling grain [both of which happened late this year]. It’s not a normal summer.”

    TruAcre’s 2019 test Planter on display.

    Through the day’s many demonstrations, presentations, and promotions, Schmidt believed attendees gained valuable knowledge that they can implement into their own farming practices. “I hope they can take away something that makes their farming better,” Schmidt said. “We always want to help them improve their profitability per acre.” An instructive event for all who attended, TruAcre’s open house provided one more opportunity for Muscatine County farmers to grow their long-term success.

    One of TruAcre’s equipment demonstrations.

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