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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

    Two pavement management projects nearing completion

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa – Two projects in the pavement management program are nearing completion with the tentative deadline (end of the current fiscal year on June 30) fast approaching. 


    Portions of the pavement management program were delayed due to funding concerns. However, most of the projects identified in the original 2020-2021 program will be significantly completed by the end of the fiscal year.


    The final segment of the current Full Depth Patching contract with All-American Concrete, Inc., is Fulliam Street between Kindler and Devitt, and Manatts will be wrapping up the combined Street and Alley Asphalt Overlay contract with paint stripping with most of the overlays completed. 


    Construction activity continues on the Park Avenue 4-to-3 Lane Conversion Project, the Grandview Avenue Reconstruction Project, and Phase 5 of the West Hill Sanitary & Storm Sewer Separation Project.




    Lane restrictions are in effect on West Fulliam Avenue between Devitt Avenue to Kinder for full depth patching. Temporary traffic signals have been installed to facilitate the flow of traffic around the construction area. Work on the south side of the first block (Devitt to Hammond) has been completed with work on the north side starting next week. Full depth patching of Fulliam from Hammond to Kindler will begin after the first block is completed.


    The Full Depth Patching Project, part of the City of Muscatine 2020-2021 Pavement Management Program, has completed work on Ford Avenue, Logan Street, Evans Street, and Sterling Woods Court. Additional emergency repairs may be undertaken should time and money permit. All-American Concrete, Inc., was awarded the contract to complete the FY20-21 Full Depth Patching Program. 




    Paving of the nine alley and nine street segments, part of the 2020-2021 Street & Alley Asphalt Overlay Project, has been completed with Manatts returning in the next two weeks to wrap up the project with paint stripping and manhole adjustments.


    Street segments included James Place (Parkington Drive to Dead End, Washington Street (Cypress to Walters), Houser Street (Cedar to Karen), Houser Street (Karen Mulberry), Indiana Street (Schley to Benham), Benham Avenue (Indiana to Wisconsin), Dewey Avenue (Indiana to Oregon), Busch Street (Hershey to Mill),   and Cypress Street (East 2nd to Alley).


    Alley segments included Hawthorne Lane & Washington (Orchard to Park), Hawthorne Lane & Parkington (Orchard to Park), Pine St. & Linn St (3rd St. to 4th St.), Chestnut St. & Iowa Ave (5th St. to 6th St.), Hagerman Lane & Lorenz St (Terrace Heights Dr. to Roscoe Ave.), Cedar St. & Walnut St (7th St. to 8th St.), Cedar St. & Mulberry Ave (8th St. to 9th St.), Harrison St. & McArthur St (Lincoln Blvd to Grand Ave.), and Jackson St. & Monroe St (Lincoln Blvd to Grand Ave.).




    The traffic pattern on Park Avenue will be changing next week when the Washington Street and Park Avenue intersection will be opened to traffic. Park Avenue traffic is currently restricted to the eastern two lanes for Stage 3 (the east side of Park Avenue from just south of Colorado through the Washington Street intersection). That restriction will be pushed north toward the Colorado intersection next week before flipping over for work on the east side of Park Avenue from Colorado to Washington.


    Two way traffic will be maintained in the eastern two lanes of Park Avenue. New traffic signals at Washington, East 5 h Street, and at Cypress and 2nd are currently in a flashing red mode and will remain in that mode until the final painting stripping is completed later this summer.


    The final stage of the project, Stage 3, includes full depth patching and traffic signal replacement in the intersection at Washington and Park Avenue, and full depth patching, curb and gutter removal and replacement, and sidewalk ADA ramps from Washington to Harrison. That work is tentatively scheduled from May 14 to August 13, weather permitting.


    Milling of the old asphalt overlay and placement of a new asphalt overlay along with paint stripping from Cypress on East 2nd Street to Harrison on Park Avenue is anticipated to be completed before August 13.