UnityPoint Trinity Muscatine Hospital receives grant

The Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine presented UnityPoint Trinity Muscatine Hospital with a Community Continuity Grant to allow them to buy personal protective equipment and fund needed programs.

MUSCATINE, Iowa—In an effort to ease the disruption in Muscatine County caused by COVID-19, the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine created the Community Continuity Fund. They presented one of their first grants to UnityPoint Trinity Muscatine Hospital to allow for the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE) and disposable scrubs and to funding to support triage and other programs. 

Community Foundation Executive Director Charla Schafer explained that the Community Foundation presented the Hospital with this grant to help provide for them during this challenging public health emergency, “the PPE and disposable scrubs are critical to the safety of the health care providers, support team, and their families, and, we know reducing the stress the providers face by ensuring supplies and needs are met is a benefit to the entire medical and community at large.”

Schafer also hopes this grant will allow the Community Foundation to give back to healthcare providers who give so much to the community: “Our community health care providers are critical to the successful care of our neighbors every single day, but the pressures they are being exposed to are heightened and evolving during this unusual time.  It may appear that through this gift we are rallying around the health care community, but in fact they rally around us every moment of every day.”

Along with supporting the Hospital, the Community Foundation has also given out grants to several other local organizations. These include Pearl City Outreach, the Salvation Army of Muscatine County, and Pearl City Outreach. In each case, the grants will allow these organizations to get food to children and adults in need. 

To keep the good work of the Community Continuity Fund going, the Community Foundation looks forward to offering additional matching grant opportunities. They also encourage the community to support these efforts with donations of any size: “We hope that those in our community will continue to donate and have their dollars doubled as we meet the immediate and evolving needs of our county.  We are seeing a growing need for basic necessities; continuing to grow this fund will allow us to quickly respond to resource funding gaps.”