Volunteers help MCSA food pantry adapt and thrive

Members of Calvary Church and the Muscatine Police Department helping to prepare food packages for MCSA to distribute.

MUSCATINE, Iowa—In all situations, the Muscatine Center for Social Action food pantry will find a way to feed the community. On March 16, a small group of volunteers from Calvary Church and the Muscatine Police Department created food packages for MCSA to distribute to those in need during their weekly food pantry times on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Jennifer Leirness, resource development officer for MCSA, explained that in light of state and federal guidelines for containing the spread of COVID-19, the MCSA food pantry will distribute grab and go packages of food rather than allowing guests to walk through. For the elderly or those with underlying health conditions, MCSA, in partnership with United Way of Muscatine and the Salvation Army of Muscatine County, will offer home deliveries of food instead. Leirness elaborated, “We are trying to support the community in the best way possible during the rapidly changing situation with the Coronavirus, so this includes altering our programs to fit needs.”

Fortunately for MCSA, local volunteers understood the importance of helping MCSA make this change and stepped up to assist. “Volunteers from Calvary Church were already scheduled to help, and one member asked her husband, who is a police officer, to come help,” said Leirness. He enlisted some of his fellow officers, and it turned into a great group of caring people who made the packaging process much more efficient.” Through their help, these volunteers allowed MCSA to begin their new distribution method this week.

“It is important for people to know that we are here for you, there are resources available to help you.”

Jennifer Leirness

In a time of uncertainty, MCSA will keep providing food for all in need in Muscatine County. “It is important for people to know that we are here for you, there are resources available to help you, and to be patient with the process,” stressed Leirness. “Our staff and volunteers are excited to work together to make sure our neighbors still have access to food via our pantry.”

Please see page two “COVID-19 food distribution for Muscatine” to learn about the jointly run free home food delivery program.